2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 6 Lamesa to Kerrville

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Image: Statue of the Guadalupe Bass, in a park at the side of the Guadalupe River, it is the state fish of Texas, and found only in the Hill County streams of  Texas, some of the tiles have been crafted by Kerrville citizens as a testament to the natural resources of Texas.


21.4.19 – 145) Once again it’s dark,

I’m leavin’ another motel car park

East horizon hue, tells me sun up ain’t yet due

Not for a while an’ I got to cover many a mile

Gonna drive with care, cos’ there’s animals out there

An I know how I’m gonna feel, if one ends up under my front wheel

Then I’m drivin’ an think “hell fire”

Then smile at what I thought was a dead animal

Was a piece of curled up rubber tyre


146) Big Spring cheapest gas station closed card rejected but I ain’t sore

Seen another one where it’s only a few cents more

Still better than what the others ask, so once more my tank is full

An I chat a while with the attendant an’ make her smile

A good start to the day then once more I’m on my way


147) I’m drivin’ into Sterling City, my stomach cries out with pity

“Hey I ain’t had anything to eat since yesterday”

Seems only right to stop for a bite

A quick breakfast snack, then back on track


148) Into Eden, turn right, through Menard, drives goin’ alright

Then I see, a dog at the roadside, on its own, not the safest place to be

Cars flyin’ by so fast if it runs out it ain’t gonna last

Or someone take him, mistreat him an’ beat him

So I turn go back, get out, it runs to my feet

Let’s me pick him up like a such definitely used to the human touch

In my arms he’s sittin’ givin’ my chin a lickin’

I look left an’ what I see inspires me

To put him on the back seat an’ set off down a nearby track

Along it I wend after a while somethin’ tells me try the house at the end

I stop, let him out, a bunch of ‘em come out and make a fuss

It’s like they’re saying he’s one of us

Thanked by the owner I came away thinkin, he was kinds cute an’ sweet

But first make sure he ain’t pooped on the back seat


149) An’ so my drive carries on, I join interstate 10 an’ it’s when

I see dead animals lying there,

At the roadside reminds me to drive with care

Stop in the distance I can see to be clear, an’ what I’ve seen

Reminds me of what could have been

My new four legged friend could have met a messy end

Hopefully helpin’ him ain’t been in vain,

Though I doubt I’ll ever see him again

Unless it’s in heaven at the end of life’s roam,

An’ he remembers the poet that when he was lost, took him home


150) Kerrville an’ the Lone Star Inn, I’m all booked in

Take out what I need for tomorrow an’ no more

Then I’m away to see if I can compose some more

An’ pictures of this part of my roam, to go on facebook when I get home

A walk by the Guadalupe River someone suggested I try it

Ideal for peace an’ quiet

So down there I run an’ I’m writin’ watchin’ families’ havin’ fun

Enjoyin’ the afternoon sun

Then I’m walkin’  an’ some folks smile an’ we chat a while

Partin’ with “have a good day" then I’m snappin’ away

Kids in the fountain playin’ ducks by the river layin’

Turtles baskin’ river flowin’ it’s real nice, a snapshot paradise

An what a story they’ll tell, when I get home

At the end of my 9th Texas poetry roam


151) Well so ends the afternoon, evenin’ seems to come too soon

Wind blowin’ nice an’ cool, feels good but oh well

Time to head back to the motel

I get in the car an’ I see a socket marked USB

I’m thinkin’ it could be fine, cos’ I got some good songs on mine

Plugged it in they came on an’ sounded good,

Songs, recorded programmes an’ more

I’m thinkin, why couldn’t I find it before


152) Drivin’ back to the motel, fuel tank half full

Once again is seen a sign for the cheapest gasoline

Same price as this mornin’ an I’m knowin

If I fill up it’ll easily get me where I’m goin’

So I do an’ as I drive away

I’m thinkin’, that’s not bad, 2 good deals on the same day


153) Writin’ done I’m sat in a chair lazin’

I look out the window and see a herd of deer grazin’

A photo opportunity, I sneak out quietly

They look up an’ see me, I stand as still as can be

After a while I look down to switch my camera on

An’ when I look up, they’re gone

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