Mad House

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As I watch from a far, 
I saw everything in the yard
Some living jobbery
Streets struggling patiently 

I saw the streets fighting for meal
From the little portion seal,
The house task
Makes living a tax

Streets determine their happiness 
With dreads like Palm threads
Stripes like zebras 
The house deprives

Bridges meant for them
From there they control the ocean 
Little attempt to ascend 
They ensure you descend 

Their daily task is move treasures
They live for pleasure 
With much leisure 
Accompany with sensors 
Watch the streets as failures

I saw the street with much help
Helped in building bridges 
Yet non could cross one
Underneath for long,
You end in free house

I saw them making laws
Still they maws 
The street silent in voice 
Audible and be foist

All day, they look for protest
It's not in their dictionary text
If English could put hand on their chest, 
We could replay again this chess 

Streets no longer safe
Even while in caves 
Alloy tubes still in action 
Privacy gone into extinction

Bullet flies like arrows 
Hidden places not safe for marrows 
Innocent ends in the lot
The streets watch with zipped mouth


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Wed 13th Nov 2019 20:32

Kporho You have an amazing talent that transports the reader to an alien realm as it unfolds with each line.

Impossible to comprehend the plight. The pain. The control.

A painful read, that deserves a much wider audience.

Please continue writing my friend.

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