A Poem for Jezabiel, Confessions from a Wonderland

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A poem for Jezabiel

Confessions from a wonderland

Jezabiel, my dearest Jezabiel,
Oh the hell I feel when you are no longer around.
My world spins up side down and the wrong way round and I don't know which way to go.
Breathing is hard and thinking is painful and the memories ache deep inside my soul.
Oh how I wish you would know,
How I wish you would wake up and open your eyes once more.
But asleep you seem to be and I can't reach you when you are not with me.
Oh Jezabiel, the hell that unleashes within my waking hours now draws blood from my heart and my life is riddled with confusion.
Oh Jezabiel, how my soul longs for your touch.
For the taste of your lips on mine.
For a time when we are free to be ourselves and able to explore a world of wonder inside our eyes,
as we forget about this cruel life.
This life that keeps us apart and the horror that drives a wedge between us.
Oh Jezabiel, what sorrow it is to feel the nothingness that lingers when you are gone,
and I am left alone with my confessions I foretell,
in my cold wonderland of hell.
Where only you can save me from. 
Yet I keep moving,
I keep going on
and I bow down in honour of what is yet to come.
Strength remains my constant friend in the darken nights and I abide by the love that is within me.
I live by the memories that continue to remind me why it is I fight this war for love.
A love worth dying for,
For a love worth living for,
And a love that shines beyond the pain of broken dreams and forgotten promises.
I fight for something far more beautiful.
I fight for the soul of you,
I fight for a love pure and true.
I fight this war for you.
My heart is yours
And so is my sword.
But within me,
without you
I will find no rest.
My dearest Jezabiel
These are my confessions from a wonderland, 
Now a wonderland of hell.
But please don't leave me here dying in this blazing pond of dissolution,
For without you my dear Jezabiel
I won't survive for too long.

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