The Dinosaur Who Came to Play

You think I’d be impressed because a tiger came to tea?
I’ll have you know, a stegosaurus came to visit me.
He rang the doorbell yesterday, at twenty five past four.
I couldn’t let him in - he wouldn’t fit through our front door.
I put my shoes and coat on and we went to play outside.
He wasn’t bad at seek, but he was terrible at hide.
He played quite well in goal, although he couldn’t kick the ball,
and tennis was a waste of time. That didn’t work at all.
I wanted to play tag, but it was starting to get dark.
He said he had to go back home, back to Jurassic Park.
He’s coming back tomorrow so that we can play some more.
He’s boring, though. I think this time I won’t answer the door.

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Don Matthews

Sun 26th May 2019 21:00

Unless Joe ha changed it the last line sounds OK to me

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jennifer Malden

Sun 26th May 2019 20:22

Liked this - especially 'he wasn't bad at seek, but he was terrible at hide'! The last line seems out of rythm, but it's your stuff so forgive the nitpicking.


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Don Matthews

Sat 25th May 2019 00:14

Golly gosh! You're lucky Joe
No dino's visit me
Been practising my boomerang
Waiting visitee


Spellchecker gets all twisted
And bitter too, (as well)
It does not like my 'visitee'
I can, this plainly,, tell. ?

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Joe Williams

Fri 24th May 2019 17:59

I suppose this poem could be considered a sequel to Judith Kerr's most famous work. It was first published in the 'Play' anthology last year, by Paper Dart Press.

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