Getting Out From Under


Instead of the homeless guy

sticking his hand out

hoping for a bill or two

why doesn't he put his hands to work

and clean up the God-awful mess

he left under the bridge

the piles of garbage





a trail of refuse that leaves the camp

looking like a garbage dump

a trail that starts with him

the Pigpen character

who carries his dirt with him 

he cannot sing away his dirt

it follows him wherever he goes

Homeless are

like spoiled children

who were never taught

to clean up their room

to wash their hands

to comb their hair

have some pride dude

clean up your own mess first

then you will have self-respect

and others will respect you as well

and will help you mercifully

get out from under

the dark cloud that follows you

and get you out from under that bridge.



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 8th May 2019 15:59

Hard to argue with the basic truth in these lines. Cleaning up means
more than merely financial expectations. Helping yourself may be
similarly applied in this context.

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