Blue’s big pajama party (1999)

Blue’s big pajama party (1999): 

My first name worthless, last name nigger 


It is engraved on the bullet that is to spiral into my strong and sturdy back 


(A bird summers salts from my hand and all care is released)


I’ll bite the whip and throw the sack on to the dirt 


I’m never going to know what’s it like to have ignorance while walking the streets


Let the bourbon burn the impurities that lie in the kidneys


Stab the thoughts that lie within him with the ballpoint pen


Red American made Egyptian architecture build inside the once pink lungs, 


killing every bit of stress he breathes in


And hieroglyphs seep in 


while the child drowns in the deep end of his Nile


At that point he’s yelling at the television,


watching a man and a paper blue dog on channel 43


The child is nothing, the child was Zen 

Until his mind travels west 


Then he is one with Wilde, heavens outcasts, The Prince of Peace, the tramp at peace, and the curious rabbit loving blonde child 


This worlds spins too fast


and I’m goo-goo dizzy 


Up the girl goes into his drawn - drunken nostalgic brown nectar haze 


and looks back in the days of 13 inch flashing tubes


Mother hated it when her baby was hypnotized and wanted him to go outside


But she loved the animated lies 


that told truths


My first name worthless


last name nigger


The shitty signature is cursive-ed on the noose









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