2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 8 McAllen

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Image: My friend Clark Von Heller encouraging an up and coming young pianist called Kevin (see poem 158). Clark is showing him the chords for his variation of Pachalbels Canon


23.4.19 – 158) Breakfast an’ I’m reflectin’ on last night

It seemed things for Clark weren’t goin’ right

At his evenin’ class no one came,

Then his amplifier gave up the game

So another was bought at a music store an’ there was a surprise in store

Clark decided to give a piano a try an’ my oh my

As his fingers flew with ease over the keys

Playin’ a classical score it really made the day

When a young guy called Kevin asked if he too could play

Both begun, Clark calling the chords they played as one

Perfect harmony, music’s present and future

A pause I render applause, it was a blast, and a memory that will last

Whether I rest, walk, fly or drive,

Of the evenin’ Clark an’ Kevin made music come alive


159) Been for a drive to see where I’m meetin’ Nianna tonight

Cool weather’s a delight. So downtown I’m bound it’s soon found

So I decide to drive some more an’ guess what I seen

Yes you’re right a fillin’ station sellin’ cheap gasoline

Bear in mind for another day, when I go away

Another example of how to save a heap

When I’m teachin’ students how to see America on the cheap

They already know about “Grab an’ go” an’ maybe one day they’ll say

For a travellin’ chap this Limey guy know what to do

Wonder if he’ll ever teach us to split a quarter in two


160) Shopping done, me an’ Clark had a laugh interactin’ with the staff

Get some shirts an’ a pair of jeans pressed an’ put away

An’ so carries on the day,

I can do more when I see fit, an’ I’m takin’ a break from my poetry an’ wit

But for now we gotta fly to where I’m gonna give it a try

Clark’s ESL class where I hope I don’t come  a cropper,

I’ll try an’ talk proper

Speak clear an’ slow afore I let my accent flow

Cos’ it would be a mistake, if I hit them first with Yorkshire Spake*

* Spake is speak in the Yorkshire dialect


161) Clark said “Can you make your poems short and sweet”

I suggested Haiku’s cos’ they’re kinda neat

Really ace saying so much in such a short space

So I did an’ the students recited them too

An’ I thought in a while they could be, speakin’ better English than me


24.4.19 – 162) It was a delight, pizza with Nianna last night

Laughing, chatting, it was a blast, shame it didn’t last

This morning, e mail an’ facebook checks done

No sign of the sun, not to dejected, rain is expected

Clark’s busy so I’m left to my own devices

I’d heard of the migrant centre before, so I found it and walked in the door

I thought “I’ll offer to lend a hand” I did an’ they thought it was grand

No time for lurkin’ soon I was workin’

Makin’ my visit come alive, offerin’ kids a knuckle tap an’ a high five

Got ‘em smiling, so beguiling

Though I didn’t speak the lingo I called myself “El Loco Gringo”

Not bemused, many amused

An sometimes of my tongue would roll “No comprende Espanol”

That too was grand, and they seemed to understand.

Then it was time to be away an’ carry on the rest of the day

I ring Daniel an’ soon, I’m headin’ to his school for the afternoon


163) To La Joya I’m bound followin’ Daniels directions he’s soon found

In his classroom we meet an’ greet

To his students an introduction, then a performance is in production

Talkin’ about travellin’ many a mile, an speakin’ Yorkshire style

An’ regale many a travellin’ tale

How I use the time to compose in rhyme

Poems written on the road, in journalistic ode

Tell’ em about my home town and since 2012 I’ve been comin’ down

To The Valley for the poetry fest an’ the rest

Three classes an’ they’re goin’ well, students enjoyin’ it I can tell

After the 3rd class it’s time to go, beat the heavy traffic flow

An’ the students seemed glad to have been taught by The Yorkshire Lad

About learnin’ Yorkshire words an’ gettin’ the hang

Of sayin’ ‘em with a Yorkshire twang


164) Back from La Joya, then time for dinner

The Olive Tree chosen, it’s a winner

We know the score havin’ eaten there before

Me Mario an’ Clark, Amy joins us an’ I’m thinkin’ as the day ends

What better way to spend it than time with friends


24.4.19 - 165) Last night a surprise, Clark couldn’t believe his eyes

Thinking “Well I never, Ivy wants to sleep in the same room as Trevor”

He’d find Trevor didn’t mind, in fact he was rather glad

It meant she was even more getting used to the Yorkshire Lad

Ivy settled down and so did Trevor who later woke up to find

Ivy had changed her mind

So moving gently in the dark, put her back in the same room as Clark

To whom he would say later today, I hope my snorin’ didn’t drive her away


166) One more I’m away to Valley View High for the day

As Nianna’s guest, gonna give my best

Tell ‘em about life back home, an’ what I get up to on my roam

An’ maybe take, time to teach ‘em Yorkshire Spake

An hopefully, encourage ‘em to write poetry


167) Valley View High found, to Nianna’s classroom bound

I go in an’ sit down an’ a nice surprise I see a young girl with shining eyes,

Bertha from last year she’s glad to see me again, I remember last year

When we told her not to fear, to go ahead and write

So to my delight she showed me a poetry score

She’d written and was pleased when I encouraged her to write some more


168) And so the talks begin, when the students come in

No one talk is the same, no prepared script

An’ I find the students don’t mind, as I give information about where I live

How we speak, say hello an’ good bye, they smile

When I tell them how to travel cheap an’ save a heap

Read my rhymes coverin’ my travellin’ times

An’ usin’ Bertha as an example of what they could do

If they wanted to write poetry too


169) Day done at Valley View, may have only reached a few

But when all said an’ done, change begins with just reachin’ one

An’ I’d met Bertha at Lunchtime her face was a delight

When I said I’d used her as an example to inspire others to write

Adding keep on writin’ an’ hopefully one festival we’ll see

Her on the same stage as me


26.4.19 – 170) Boundless launch last night, went alright

Not a smany as last year but it wasn’t all that drear

Fun in fact, me an’ Daniel like a double act

And in the main Really great to see old friends again

But sad to say, there’s no poetry in schools today

An integral part of the festival, sharin’ my poetic art

Renditions I give, tell the students about where I live

My rhymes that tell of my travellin’ times

Advice given about writin’ travelin’, livin’ the dream

While you’re young but never too old to be bold

To dream of what you want to do

An’ you’re never too old to make that dream come true


171) Late morning now, too hot to go for a jog

So I’ll put my poems on USB ready to go on my blog

Already taken Ivy out to do what all dogs need to do

Now computer on my lap, I’m sat on the settee

An’ it’s nice to see her sleepin’ content at the side of me


172) Afternoon spent workin’ an’ relaxin’ but nothin’ over taxin’

Lunch with Clark, fries an’ a Big Mac, then we’re back,

I transfer another poetry score, before taking Ivy out once more

An’ she seems to enjoy walks with the Poetry Boy

Thinkin’ it’s neat, when she’s back an’ I give her a treat

An’ its nice an’ cool with the air conditioning

As I transfer more of my potential renditionin

Take Ivy out one more time then it’s back to transfer more rhyme

6:30 pm I’m done for the day an’ I’m away. As I aspire

To take part in the annual slam at a pizza house called Brick Fire


27.4.19 - 173) Last night went alright, it sure was delightin’

Listenin’ to the local students recitin’ all leadin’ to an open mic readin’

All invited, audience delighted

A phone call to say my dinner date was gonna be late

The we sat spoke, laughed as we made a joke

A guy asks what the slam is about I tell him what I know

An’ suggest he gets up an’ has a go

He says he’ll wait an’ see I get him to agree

To take part I tell him speak from the heart

My date arrives I’m thinkin’ “oh boy, lets order the meal an’ enjoy”

That done we got ready for some fun as the slam begun

I was in it but as usual didn’t win it

It was no disgrace cos’ the guy I encouraged took first place

The meal was great but soon it got too late we had to leave the bar

But at least I get to escort my date to her car

An’ as I wave her goodnight, an she drives off into the night

Once again I’m thinkin, “Yup once more it’s gone alright”.


174) Clark havin’ a lie in, Mario at work I decide to lurk

Have breakfast an’ take my time before my next spell of rhyme

Not gonna rush, gonna take Ivy out an’ enjoy the mornin’ hush

We’re out walkin’ an’ it’s great, time is somewhere after eight

The suns beginnin’ to get stonger, I wish this moment could last longer

But time waits for none so back give Ivy her treats an’ then I’m gone

Drivin’ downtown an’ see what workshops are goin, down.


175) Things goin’ astray as my gps takes me the wrong way

An’ tells me, I’ve arrived but I’m miles from where I need to be

Led me a merry dance so I’ll take a chance

And go the way I think I know

Nianna rings askin’ where I am, I say “I’m lost maam”

But went on to say, I was headin’ the right way

South an’ not bereft, I know cos’ the sun’s on my left

So she tells me how to get there, it’s a case of a wing an’ a prayer

An’ just in Nianna I put my trust

An soon the car park I’m pullin’ in

Thinkin’ “great now let the workshops begin”

Poems 176 to 180 were written at a poetry workshop as part of the RGIPF

176) Free tacos on arrival, good without doubt

Cos’ that was what the first workshop was all about

A food revolution, the taco evolution

So let’s have a bite, then get down an’ write


177) As a food tacos take some beatin’ so why write when I could be eatin’

An’ willin’ to try a different fillin’

Savoury or sweet, I’m sure they taste neat

Fill ‘em with food from around the world an’ share

Share your favourite taco fare

But would they think I’d gone wacko

If I filled one with tripe an’ cow heel an called it a Yorkshire Taco


178) Looking into eyes

Human eyes, animal eyes

Looking in Friendship


179) Sun setting, still blazing, pillars like bars imprisoning

Five fronded plants like hands waving , hands beckoning, encouraging

Figure Westward looking, hand behind as if gently pushing

Suggesting, lightly urging, escaping


180) Last workshop before lunch, we take part, in feelings of the heart

Love, happiness, pain, hurt, wishes, dreams, what we desire to be

What we once were, the answer is mostly always “ME”


181) Three workshops done, went down well, free tacos were swell

Three workshops done, somehow I don’t fancy another one

So as is my will I’m away to chill an find, my note book I left behind

I’m back at Clark’s Ivy comes to me her tail waggin’

I pick up her lead it wags some more, I put it on we’re out the door

Havin’ fun in the afternoon sun, she needs to go, an’ does so

An’ I make sure of nothin’s seen where she’s been

Now were back on the sofa, relaxin’ Ivy at the side of me

Lettin’ time pass us by, an’ I’m one contented guy


182) Bath time for Ivy, she goes in, covered in water, she looks so thin

Clark thinks it’s grand when I lend a hand

After takin’ pictures for my blog of one wet lookin’ dog

Soon she’s done, dried an’ out the garage door,

Lookin’ like the old Ivy once more


183) Now it’s Pachanga time, last official chance to do my rhyme

But dinner first, tamale’s beans, dips, rice, sure tasted nice

An’ if in your stomach, there’s still a hollow

There’s cakes, cookies and brownies to follow

When it’s eaten the tables are put away

It’s time to get the readings underway


184) Welcome spoken, tributes paid, introductions made

One by one to the podium we come

Registered or featured poets to recite at Pachanga night

Different styles across the miles through tears an’ smiles

All lauded an’ applauded, an’ then were done it’s time to go

Farewells said, away we head. All with a wish so clear

To meet up again in The Valley next year


185) Back at Clark’s we sit an’ chat a while

I read, him an’ Mario smile, one score an’ then some more

They were delighted when I recited away

With Ivy there, the perfect way to end the day


28.4.19 – 186) Sunday morning, laundry washed now in the dryer

Throughthe house creepin’ Clark an’ Ivy still sleepin’

Facebooked my friends let ‘em know how things went down

In this great, friendly border town

I’m thinkin’ as I’m writin’ some will already be alightin’

Headin’ back to from where they came, headin’ back home

With their own memories of their own poetry roam

An’ Meliton last night made it clear,

He wants me at his school if I come back next year

And you don’t have to guess, the answer was a definite “YES”


187) Brunch with friend we laugh, we chat, we go for a walk

And as the morning ends I decide to put my pencil and note book away

An be poetry free for the rest of the day

Looking forward with delight,

To supper with Marios’ family in Reynosa tonight

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