Pigs are in blankets

too late to save them now.

Better to forget porky

and drain a cow.


McDonalds never had a farm

never EE I EE I EE I owned one.

The world of food goes round and round,

what eats and provides it

returns to the ground.


Consider the chicken's versatility,

a life of service, of total futility.


Incidentally sheep may not safely graze

with their succulent and winning ways.

I've got no beef either way.

Have a lovely stunning day.




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Thu 9th May 2019 21:51

Thanks David for your well considered comment - it offers an honest appraisal, and that should be what we do - rather than going to extreme views. There should always be an open window for considerations. I am as you know a bit mischievous and can take any side that might illustrate my feelings. I eat meat now and again, but never feel good about it. Peace, man. I was reading about the production of hamburgers in Germany, sold around the world, and it is indeed incredibly monitored ; probably better considered than the world's effluence I think we know.

Thanks Brian, that's on record !

Rachel, thanks - it's nice you trouble to clue up on issues to open up poems. That was quite a revelation, and in a way it just goes to show that life is precious . But we eat to survive!


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Thu 9th May 2019 11:34

What will become of us the day we find plants and trees really do scream...

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 9th May 2019 11:17

Clever title Ray,

In dietary terms what is and what isn't the established norm these days? I feel extremely conventional not having special requirements at restaurants. Occasionally I'll go vegan simply to get down with the kids, well I do but not for that reason. Some of it is pretty good to be honest, but I just love tearing meat apart with my knashers.

Honestly, I do think we need to rethink our relationship with animals and our consumption of their flesh. If we were savages killing to eat I would have no issue whatsoever, but we are not are we?

I will avoid going further, I know your poem is light hearted..but as is often the case with your writing there is an underlying question.

Pigs make a hell of a frightening sound whilst being led to slaughter, chilling.


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Brian Maryon

Wed 8th May 2019 14:45

Close to the vedge!

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Wed 8th May 2019 11:53

Whoops Graham. I must admit to a fondness for bacon and eggs.. I'm not keen on the sanctimonious who try to run a slimline society. In many ways i am a sinner and hypocrite over food but I do yearn to do the right thing whatever that is. I went to a garden centre yesterday unwisely chose french onion soup... A slurry of onions floating in sweet gravy with no cheese or bread. So have a nice lunch! Thanks for the quick response. Ray.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 8th May 2019 11:39

hahaha! Ray

I write food and wine articles every month for a national magazine and the most aggressive feedback that I ever encounter is from the vegetarian lobby, so put on your tin hat!

As we speak, am awaiting feedback from a very recently penned vegan piece which is VERY 'in' at the moment.

Good work as usual Ray, especially as it's pissing down here! Shit! it's veg soup for lunch today.


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