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Hurts The Same Way

Men get uptight at women who say

“He railed and bailed,

hit it and quit it”

The man who comes knocking

All sweet at your door rocking

On his toes like he’s excited

She can’t quite pinpoint why she’s so nervous

What’s devastating to her is,

And me is,

Is that we sort of mutually agreed

As human beings

Not to lie to one another

So when you come over

With wine and a smile

And get me going after a while

And you get between my legs,

This is no longer just a “date”

This is the point that we both admit

We like each other at least a little bit.

“So he didn’t buy you flowers,”

They retort with a snap

“How about some girl power?

How about you grow up?”

I can’t stand this,

So I’ll sum it up.


When you don’t see in me

The kind of girl you thought I’d be

Maybe I’m not the weight

Or the height,

Or the type

Then you go and call me * so so * pretty

You’re a son of a bitch.

All this for what, so you could get your dick wet

How entitled are men gonna get

To think that instead of a human with emotion

I’m more of a sex toy with RealLifeMotion

And to not respect that I,

In stating that I liked you

Meant there was a time,

For us sometime in the future

If we do not agree


That our company

Is not more than a one time thing

Assume it’s more of a relationship

And less to do with you and your dick


And by the way,

Lying to me?

Never thought you were that kind of human being

And while I’m at it I trusted you

And look what you put me through.

Maybe it’s not me that’s broken

I’m the one whose needs were spoken.

Time you understand you’re damaged,

Treating women like we’re garbage.

So no, he didn’t buy me flowers,

And this is me with all the girl power I can muster

To stop this goddamn fillibuster.


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Thu 2nd May 2019 15:30

I love this poem and I'd really love to hear this read aloud. It's got real rhythm, energy and dynamism. I can really hear your strength. Thank you!

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lisa donohoe

Thu 2nd May 2019 08:03

Absolutely amazing. Extremely well written and speaks volumes regarding the dating world. I really enjoyed this read . Well done x

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