Center of Universe

Trailing footsteps with her  unsteady tiny ones.. 
podgy fingers reach out to hold.. 
Her eyes searched in eager anticipation ..

Familiar voice broadened her smiles. 
Voice quivered at every  going away
Cries echoing in heart for several miles 

Queals of delight  and laughter on every reunion
Bringing joy to dear heart.. 
The bond of love splashed in such free abandon

All this changed one fine day.. 
New playmates, new territories of fun.. 
Destined change of life found its way.. 

Possessive eyes watched in rapt fascination.. 
little one's growing wings to fly... 
Her new found objects and people of adulation.. 

Though the centre of universe has shifted
Her widespread arms reaching out for more
No matter how far her boat gets drifted.. 
Waiting hugs and cuddles  will bring her home to shore.. 

◄ Sleep

Life goes on... ►



Thu 6th Jun 2019 19:26

Hiya, Mona - I read this and enjoyed it - there is much here like in a poem I perform regularly called 'vodkablivion' (vodkablivion is in all my books so far as it is a great favourite) Well done - love it.

mona s

Thu 16th May 2019 13:00

Thank you so much for reading and for your perceptive comments.Yes you are so right about the experience being a personal one...A very intriguing one too?

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keith jeffries

Wed 15th May 2019 20:33


This sounds like a poem based on personal experience. If so then I can relate to it as similar events occurred during my childhood. Beautifully written and with genuine feeling.

Thank you


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