It was warm but not hot

With a bit of a breeze

He slipped on his loafers

And stepped out with ease


She chose the red flats

And a light airy dress

Not overdone

But sure to impress


They agreed upon eight

At the local estab

He rode the bus

She took a cab


A quick drink and a smoke

Then they headed down

To the carnival

That had just come to town


Cotton candy and popcorn

The Tunnel of Love

The Ferris Wheel, stopping

High up above


Caliope music

The carousel

Swinging the hammer 

And ringing the bell


Spinning rides, flashing lights

Fun and games to delight

Laughter and merriment

On this festival night


They held hands as they ran

From game to ride

They tossed rings, they threw darts

They rode the big slide


A grizzled old band

Played some lazy old tunes

And they danced on the boardwalk

Under balloons


When the barkers stopped barking

And the lights all grew dim

He smiled at her

She smiled at him


Such a fun filled first date

For a fun loving pair

The carnival, at night

In the warm summer air









carnivalcelebrationfalling in lovefirst datesMay Day

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Philip Stevens

Thu 2nd May 2019 12:11

l can see clear images with every word

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Lisa C Bassignani

Thu 2nd May 2019 10:39

It is a magical experience

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd May 2019 03:35

I enjoyed the rhyming lilting nature to this Lisa . It brought the carvival atmosphere to life. To me.

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 1st May 2019 21:18

In celebration of May Day.
And falling in love.

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