Your Vagueness Is

Your vagueness is awkward

and sometimes it hurts.

Shadowy emotions slip in and out as you pass.

Tendrils of your essence linger,

Enticing and slicing.

Leaving me bare

And very aware.


Your vagueness is deafening

It's silence fills my ears.

Reverberting within and throughout.

A soundless piercing discord.




But wanting to be heard.


Your vagueness is potent.

Raw energy penetrating to my core.

Stinging my senses.

Holding me captive let yetting me drift,



Tugging and shoving.


Your vagueness is vast.

An endless cravasse.

One so deep and so wide that I just cannot hide.

A caldera of confusion

Stewing and brewing.

But never coming to the surface.


Your vagueness is vague.

On the edge on the line.

Hovering between reality and time.

Unknown and unsure 

And somewhate obscure.

Dreamlike, veiled and shifting.


Your vagueness is

Causing pain in my life

That I cannot seem to fight.

For it leaves me feeling bruised and very confused

And forever wondering,




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<Deleted User> (21818)

Wed 15th May 2019 02:34

A very cleverly crafted poem on an interesting theme. Loved it!

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Mon 6th May 2019 02:15

I like the line

Tendrils of your essence linger

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