Apathetic Empathy

In A Sad World,
With A Broken Heart,
I Will Wait Here. I Will Wait Here.
And All I Got-
Just ‘Till Tomorrow.
I Know The World
‘Cuz I Am Hollow
And Apathetic…….And Empathetic,
Anything While We Wait Around. 
Now I’ve Seen My Kind.
It Really Outta Show By Now.
We’re Apathetic And Empathetic,
Anything, Let’s Go For A Ride.

They Came After Me, Killing My Family.
Find Out What It Means To Me-Apathetic Empathy.
The Fate…. I’ve Never Felt Like Tearing Out My Health
Multiplied By Threes.
Multiplied By Threes..
I Found Shelter In Helter Skelter
Burning Down The Trees.
Burning Down The Trees. 

Cannibal JonesSong

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