the bird who lost both wings

The bird who lost both wings 

There was a bird once from the blacklands
Of Khem.   that ibis metropolis  where one 
morning as the sun set sail
a bird made of  metal
rose from ashes of a light
 no one saw 
I and wonder swarmed the city
Like a single massive locust

Some thought it a gift from Thoth, winged
Others believed it was Seth himself
A trick of blood and meat like
The thirteenth piece of Ra
 This bird flew from world to world
Seeking the final segment 
To put back together a planet
And the many-tongued people’s
Into one but for this birds efforts
It lost first one wing bit
By a stranger's false love,
The second sliced by poachers hoping
The godly material may elaborate the heavens

And now the bird who lost both wings moves not
Lays there in the sand quenched by the salt and the sky
Seeing everyone, flying higher, higher
Higher than winged flight ever could



◄ Our Fault Is Urge (sorry about my accent haha)

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