The 24/7 365 Cell

Twenty four seven, three six five
Before imprisonment I felt alive
Free to do whatever I wanted
Without any fear or disappointment

Now I’m a slave and no longer free
Controlled by a screen and a PCB
It’s got that way that I can’t let it go
Every fact and answer I need to know

I used to have pets, a cat and poodle 
Now I touch and stroke my Google
It’s my closest companion from dawn to dusk
It’s more nourishing to me than Farley’s rusks
In the sense I’m educated and gain knowledge from it.
It even tells me why there’s carrots in vomit.

But that’s only part of my enslaved addiction
I constantly look at it with guilt and conviction
I’m devastated if I get no texts, emails or WhatsApp’s from all of my ‘friends’

It’s been taken away,
I’ve had withdrawal symptoms 
Its like my life’s drained away in an instant
It keeps me company when I’m home alone
As I just can’t live without my cell phone!
Beep, bee...beep..
The Urban Poet 2019




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