2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 4 Austin to Lamesa

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Image: The Panhandle Plain, arid and flat compared to the roadside views on the first part of the journey from Austin.


16.4.19 - 124) Kick Butt last night as usual a blast

Some thought it was a shame it was my last

Fewer than last week but we weren’t dull,

Recitin’ like the room was full

We had a ball then it was time to say “goodnight y’awl

Cos’ today’s the day I head out West

To play my part in the Lamesa Earth Day Fest


125) Alarm sounded I woke, 30 mins later

I was showered, dressed, car stowed thinkin’ time to hit the road

At break of day I was on my way

For a festival of poetry an’ more as Part 2 of my annual Texas tour

Headed North on 183, drive started out swell

Even managed to avoid the toll roads as well

But thinkin’ was it a mistake, cos’ of the extra time it would take

Then soon I’m turnin’ left on SH29 it’s all goin’ fine

Roads quiet I ain’t  gonna rush radio off enjoy the hush

As I drive through tree lined lane or arid plain

Relax, smile, enjoy the drive an’ let the mornin’ come alive

It really would have been a shame to spoil the drive by playing the radio


126) Day really comes alive as I drive,

Sun shinin’ birds in flight, everythin’ goin’ alright

Familiar towns from years before,

Hope I’m gonna be comin’ for a few years more

Big Spring where I fill up my road machine with the cheapest gasoline

Up to 15 cents a gallon saved an’ when you count up

Those savings soon mount up

Then away an’ I never supposed I’d find the road to Lamesa closed

So along a detour and Oh! what a change to this part of the range

Fields of brown now interspaced with fields of oil

Waste  burnin’ away’ seen at night and at day

Then I find that’s all behind, not far to go

The the Earth Centre then I’ll know

What’s goin’ down an’ others’ll know The Road Poets back in town

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