2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 10 The Journey Home

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Image: Circuit of the Americas, home of the U.S. Grand Prix, besides which this 3.4-mile racetrack hosts concerts in its Austin 360 Amphitheater. I always wondered where it was. As it turns out it is South of the airport, this is the first time I have seen it.


30.4.19 - 192) Rose to face departure day, sad heart, sky of grey

To reception bound, coffee to bring me round

Hoping today things’ll go right

Cos’ at the library I read they changed the time of my first flight

Should have left at 16:30 but they’ve moved it half an hour back

But the rest of my flights are on track

An hour and a half between first an’ second flight

Should be time to get things right

Ready for Heathrow but what if there they were to find

My suitcase an’ me had been left behind


193) Along the 183 I run,

Lookin’ at the roadworks thinkin’ will they ever get done

Seem to have been there for many a year makin’ rush hour drivin’ so drear

Now there’s raindrops hittin’, my windscreen cos’ it’s spittin’

An’ the sky to the West is a darker grey

As if sayin’ “there’s more on the way”.

An’ today is departure day; I got some goodbyes to say

First AWR where I spent some time

Helpin’ sick an’ injured animals an’ puttin’ it in rhyme

Real labour of love it’s been feedin’ ‘em an’ keepin’ their cages clean

In I go, a welcome an’ one last look round

Seein’ the new intake makes me smile

I know they’re gonna be loved a while

An’ one of the staff smiled an’ said “your group went back to the wild

I’m pleased, but soon it’s goodbye, an’ time to go

Get the day back on track

Think of next year when God willin’ it’ll be “Hi Trev welcome back”


194) Nip an’ see Thom, bring him up to date

Tell him what’s happened of late

An’ he’s pleased sayin “You’ve been great, folks can’t say enough

About how you’ve strutted your stuff”

On and off the stage, it’s like you’ve been all the rage

An’ KOOP Radio’s made it plain, they would love to have you back again

An’ KPET in Lamesa everyone speaks highly of you

Sayin’ it’s grand how your accent they understand more

As you read every poetry score

David’s not there, he ain’t got the heeby jeebies

It’s his birthday an’ he’s gone for his birthday freebies

Then Tom goes on to say “folks knew you had a ball,

From the pictures on your facebook wall

Without doubt, showin’ ‘em what bein’ a travellin’ poet is all about

We continue to chat a while, laugh an’ smile

We hug an’ before I go he lets me know

Where the cheapest gasoline is so my car’s filled an’ deep in thought

Once more, I’m headin’ for the airport

But it don’t end here cos’ no doubt

On the way home I’ll find something to rhyme about


195) Car dropped off documents signed, an’ I’m away to check in

Hopefully things’ll go right

Despite only yesterday learnin’ of the change of flight

They do an’ there’s not many about an’ soon customs I’m through

Find the departure gate, it’s 30 so I sit an’ wait

Priority 1 get some textin’ done

Let my family know everything’s sound for my flight homeward bound

Send them my new flight number they may need it

Cos by the time we take off they may well be at slumber

So I’ll text that I’ll let them know when I get to Heathrow


196) Announcement for our flight Gate 30 it should have been

Flight 4413 now leaves from Gate 26

But I don’t care what gate as long as the plane ain’t late


197) Airport walkways, some people appear to be in a daze

Along them they head, like the cast of “The Walking Dead”

A guy with a stupid grin on his face, decided to stop in a stupid place

We couldn’t help but collide, “Damn” he said but I didn’t abide

To challenge him to prove who’s the bolder

I just walked on throwing a two fingered salute over my shoulder


198) Flight 4413 parked, an’ luggage bein’ stored

My name is called I think “Oh heck” but it’s just for a passport check

Sit down an’ wait till we’re called to board, then once I’m in

Find my seat, sit down an’ wait for the flight to begin


199) Take off on time, from Austin we depart

One last look with sadness in my heart

But also satisfaction over the poetry interaction

Writin’ recitin’ delightin’ slammin’ jammin’

Takin’ stock of the new poets on the block

An’ me takin’ the time to capture it all in rhyme

For this year it’s now past, but it sure was a blast

An’ you can bet, as Thom said it was my best tour yet


200) Sun settin’ an’ we’re jettin’ through an’ evenin’ sky

Captain comes on to say “”Starting descent Miami 30 minutes away”.

It’ll sure be sweet to get off this seat

Cos, my bum feels like it’s goin’ numb

Street lights below make a pattern so clear shows the ground is gettin’ near

Nearly 3 hours in flight, from afternoon till night

A long time for an internal flight, so it seems to me

Cos’ I’m more used to a short hop, non stop

Like when we go to and from Heathrow

Cabin lights now on, shouldn’t be long, before we’re safe an’ sound

On the ground an’ I get off an’ where I need to be Departure Gate E23


201) Once on the ground, disembark, E23 easily found

Easy to do using Sky Trains 1 & 2

Over an hour to wait an’ then we set off at 20 to 10

I’m thinkin’ have I done the right thing

Was going for the cheaper option a good idea

I’ll work it out for next year

See which options the stronger

Is it worth the saving for a homeward trip that’s two an’ a half hours longer


202) Boarding went ok, soon we’re on our way. One thing clear,

Seats are more comfortable than the plane I flew in last year

More light too but will they stay on through the night

And will I be able to write

Safety video playing, were on the move, then a stop

Nothing unusual but after a while were stayed still

Then we were told someone had been taken ill

There would be a delay while things were sorted out

I’m hopin’ they’re gonna be alright

An’ while we’re stayin’, I’m gonna try an’ get some music playin’

But similar choice to last year, only a few I like

Many I don’t maybe I’ll listen maybe I won’t

Hoping I find something just right or it’s going to be a long boring flight


203) Passenger taken off safely, we’re on the move, an’ I find

We’re 40 mins behind

If everything goes alright I may still make my connecting flight

Now we’re stood, it’s not looking good

Now we’re off, approx 15 mins to take off

Then we’re on the runway engines given some blast

An’ we’re in the air homeward bound at last

Like last year it was lights out and blinds down with a poor inflight entertainment system, as a reslur no futher poems were writen until the lights cam on again, a what a boring flight


1.5.19 - 204) We’ve flown through the night, we’ve made up some time

I ask and find we’re only 15 minutes behind

An’ hopefully things’ll go right an’ I can catch my connecting flight

I also hope the ill passengers alright

Now I can’t wait to hear the sound

Of the plane wheels touching the ground


205) It was a beautiful sound as the plane wheels touched the ground

Soon to be parking and disembarking

Away for the final flight but not too blue

Manchester airport passengers fast tracked through

So no need to fret or get in a sweat

Instructions followed to the letter, couldn’t have been better

Ring home to tell all is well

On board cabin luggage stored, hope my suitcase is as well

Safety instructions done, we’re on the move

Cabin crew take their seats, take off, the last flight home has begun


206) Manchester airport below, downward we go

Once again the sound of the wheels hitting the ground

We’re taxiing to the terminal, a text I’ve got to take it

Tells me my suitcase didn’t make it

No need for sorrow, baggage counter says I’ll get it tomorrow

So get my taxi cos’ I’ve got to meet

My family waiting in Castleford in Lower Oxford Street

I wasn't to bothered about my suitcase, I was home

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