A Thousand Miles

I have walked a thousand miles in the footsteps of another,

Then walked another thousand making footsteps of my own,

My intent, to circumvent the will of every other,

And find the peace of mind that you can only find alone.


And each step that was right, led me further forward,

And each step that was left, reminded me of home,

And between the left and right lay the distance I had covered,

As I distanced from the crowd and struck out on my own.


And if you strike out long enough you'll end back where you started,

Circumnavigate your way back to where it all began,

And only then you realise that those with whom you parted,

Said farewell to a boy and welcomed home a man.

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Jason Bayliss

Tue 28th May 2019 00:23

Thank you Mae, I'm very flattered, honestly I tend to write a lot of stuff as messages to my kids, hoping that they're little bits of wisdom that are easier to write than to say. One day I'd love it if you chose to recite one, if they're good enough??

J. x

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Mae Foreman

Fri 17th May 2019 19:22

Beautiful Jason! As far as I'm concerned this is the kind of poem that says it all, the kind of poem that you wanna read again and again and memorize the lines and quote them for years to come!
Thank you ?

<Deleted User> (21818)

Wed 15th May 2019 02:53

This is a really wonderful piece. Leaving home to discover one's path is what life is all about. Some manage this with less mistakes along the way than others but what ultimately counts is the journey and not the final destination.

A thought provoking poem, loved it!

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John Marks

Mon 13th May 2019 20:04

Pithy pomeapennyeach and well thought out Jason: "Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home." James Joyce, Ulysses.

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 13th May 2019 18:43

True enough Jennifer, I've taken some steps that were right in my life and some that didn't work out so well and I'm sure there are still some left, but the main thing is I've always tried to take the right steps and I've based that on experience. Funny that even though we all fly the nest most of us sort return there, usually by building our own.

J. x

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jennifer Malden

Mon 13th May 2019 18:27

Liked this. Great rhyming too - I think it is necessary to make footsteps of your own - even making mistakes - otherwise you will never be able to make your own decisions. If they are your own, even if later revealed wrong, you did at least make them. Also it's not to say that decisions other people make for you will work.


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Jason Bayliss

Mon 13th May 2019 15:28

Well, this is very true Brian, it does. I wouldn't say that you have to, but nevertheless I did and though I wouldn't necessarily say I'm happier for it, I would say I'm probably wiser for it.
But let me be clear, wiser, not necessarily wise. Only a fool thinks themself wise. And to be fair, I did find my way back to them when I was ready.?


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Brian Maryon

Mon 13th May 2019 15:16

It seems to be accepted that to get on in life you have to put a lot of distance between you and your friends and family. Maybe...but you and they end up being unhappy in the process, so it makes you think doesn't it?

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