Photo by Senor Sosa on Unsplash


Kibbe Hamudh is a traditional Iraqi dish

That the Christians of Mosul always

Have as their main meal when celebrating Christmas.

All across the Nineveh Plains in northern Iraq

This meal was being eaten while

Candles were being lit for Christmas

And for those who would never celebrate Christmas again.

This huge area was part of Daesh’s Caliphate

Where Assyrian Christians were being crucified

Daily, in 2017.

They tried to break our spirit

By taking the ones we love.

Young western volunteers

Rushed to join the Christian militias.

These Assyrians of the Nineveh plains,

Were known to Roman geographers,

They still speak the language of Christ — Aramaic.

They have been resisting Muslim suzerainty

For 1400 years. To the jaded palates of the west

This is small beer and a long way from here.

True, thus far, we have only had a small

Taste of their fear,


In Syria’s

Liberated Damascus and Aleppo

The spirit of the Orthodox Christmas,

Of Byzantium, of Constantinople,

Has prevailed over the Whabbi terrorists:

ISIS, Al-Nusra front, Al-Qaeda

Supplied and armed by the CIA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia.

Christmas celebrations

Were again cut short by an Israeli bombing raid

On Christmas day, using civilian aircraft for cover,

Liberal Israeli media said in ‘mitigation’ for this sacreligious desecration:

“צר לי מאוד על ההתקפה הבלתי מוצהרת הזאת”

“We are very sorry for the undeclared attack.”

It didn't bring anybody back.



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Stu Buck

Sat 4th May 2019 16:35

an interesting read john well written as ever and that photo is stunning

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