My Ladder Doesn't Like Me

Shit! I'm on the ground

Excrutiating pain

Ladder stands above me

Looking on in vain


No-one round to help me

Phone in pocket though

Gotta ring the ambulance

Hospital to go


Triple O says please stay still

Ladder says he will

Until you send the ambulance

I'll make sure he stays still


They took me to emergency

Scans, X-rays and all

Found I had some fractured bones

From my ladder fall


In hospital for 6 weeks

While bones begin to knit

My poems will come up to you

From where I lie, not sit


The thing I hate 'bout all of this

My life routine is shot

Looks like I'm now I'm now a bed-rid writer

(I'll give it all I've got)


Don Matthews May 2 2019


Post Script

I fell off a ladder and landed up in hospital. Moral?  Guys my age shouldn't be climbing ladders.  It cramps your style


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Don Matthews

Fri 3rd May 2019 23:47

I'm with all the sickly
But gonna mend quickly

6 weeks they tell me...?

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 3rd May 2019 15:55

High rise madness soon became madder
When Don descended from his ladder
But sadly not in the way he meant to -
One wonders where his rhythm went to?

Hope you mend quickly!

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Don Matthews

Fri 3rd May 2019 04:47

Thank you to all for you thoughts. I indeed have a new well of inspiration here

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Don Matthews

Fri 3rd May 2019 03:56


I'm pleased that you've heard of our flying doctor
And their transport of broken-rung ladders
I asked if they'd mind giving me a lift as well
Despite me being only little bit badder

Hop in mate
So here I am at Wollabong Creek Hospital for silly seniors....

<Deleted User> (21818)

Fri 3rd May 2019 03:49

Hey Don...sorry to hear about the accident but glad you're ok. Wishing you a speedy recovery. ? ?

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jennifer Malden

Thu 2nd May 2019 17:04

Hi Don! Must have been an awful fall if you were in for 6 weeks! I bought myself a wee 3 step ladder from Amazon (only 3.5 kg) for low heights (oxymoron) hoping a possible crash wouldn't be so damaging. Here in Italy the orthopaedic ward is chock full every November, because of the olive picking, (with ladders)! Most of the young are only available at weekends because working, so the older generation climb up and fall off the ladders, alas! I only have a balcony with geraniums thank God.

Look after yourself, Jennifer

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Brian Maryon

Thu 2nd May 2019 17:03

Flying Doctor to Wallabong Creek
Flying Doctor to Wallabong Creek
Come in Wallabong Creek

Bringing in a man who fell off a ladder
Not too much damage
Just one rung broken

<Deleted User> (21487)

Thu 2nd May 2019 16:33

Your style is clearly not cramped. It seems to be a very drastic way of finding new subjects to write about though. just pretending would have been enough?

Take care and keep the nurses giggling.

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Thu 2nd May 2019 13:03

Don, sorry to hear about your fall. No doubt this will provide you with a new well of inspiration!
Speedy recovery,

<Deleted User> (21854)

Thu 2nd May 2019 12:58

Love your rhyming and the words you have a unique style something to be admired. I hope you have a speedy recovery look forward to see more of your talent.

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Lisa C Bassignani

Thu 2nd May 2019 10:35

Don, thank goodness you are OK! I was wondering where you were. It's been quiet without you around. Welcome back and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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