We estimated its height at twenty miles
Its triangular base 9 miles a side and when one of its feet touched down, it left a crater three miles in diameter. 

It moved in a slow wobble as if spun by giant fingers. Our best mathematicians could predict the landing of one of its feet to an accuracy of 98.5%. 

Accurate enough to work for twenty years and raise children under that shadow before circumstances demanded a quick relocation.

Before we gained a working knowledge of its physics, the cataclysms were part of our culture and religion. 

Even today, religious leaders exploit that 1.5% of uncertainty to eke out a very lucrative secondary market in spectator vacations and vending concessions. 

Religious figures continue to use their diminished yet still formidable political strength to demand cuts in the science and math departments of our federal universities. 

Our efforts to divulge photographs of the flattened were overruled by the media censors, also under their influence.

For these and other reasons, I’ve taken up jogging.

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Robert C Gaulke

Mon 20th May 2019 20:54

CHeers, Mart, R

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Martin Elder

Mon 20th May 2019 20:16

I wish I could jog, my body will not take it anymore. So all the best to you with that Robert . marvellous poem

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