Blankets Turn To Sand, You’re In A White Dress.
So Pale, Your Beauty’s Like The Dead.
But Is The Water Always Red?

Chlorine And Rust In My Lungs
Like A Metal Egypt To Be Shunned.
Glancing Off Of The Ceiling, We Listen To Her Cry
When She’s Disappeared Again Into All Her Dreams.
And All We Do Is Tune In While You’ve Become Part Of The Meek.
The Dolls And Lights Underwater.
Dolls And Lights All Underwater.
Now Stand Back!
We’re Gonna Study The Horse.
But Where Do You Come From? People Are Strange…….
He’s Got The Room Wrapped In His Cape And She’s
Hanging Upside Down In A Silk, Red Gown.
We’re At His Baptism To watch Him Drown,
 Watch Him Drown.
He’s Like A Beast.
The Numbered Beasts Scorned.
Everybody In One, Reborn.
And Here They Go, Inside His Head………..

Blood, Red Lips Smile.
Evil And Gold.
Same ‘Ol Story To Be Told.
So Pale, Your Beauty’s Like The Dead.
But Is The Water Always Red?

Cannibal JonesThe Cell

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