2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 5 Lamesa

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Image:  Early morning in Lamesa and the moon setting I was surprised the picture came out so clear.


17.4.19 - 127) Yesterday had gone alright,

All sorted an’ a bed for the night

But this mornin’ a surprise, couldn’t believe my eyes

My car keys weren’t seen,

Not in my pocket where they should have been

Not in my bags or anywhere, couldn’t find them nowhere

Searchin, high an low, without them my car ain’t  gonna go

Emergency number rung they said $200 the cost

To bring a car to replace the keys that I lost

An’ I’m thinkin’ “bless my soul, in my budget that’ll make a hole”

Then my eyes alight, on table, an’ a beautiful sight

My car keys are found, soon to KEPT I’ll be bound

Emergency cancelled, I’m away, mornin’ nice an’ cool

But boy do I feel like a fool.


128) Radio interview done, it was me an’ Mikes first one

About what was to come an’ then some

An’ how on this part of my roam

Comin’ to Lamesa feels at times like I’m comin’ home

Then a brief aside about drivin’ on the opposite side

I say it’s easy if you’re travellin’ far

But I still tend to get in the wrong side of the car

Then my poem read with ease, about my missin’ car keys

Finally I tell about a friend who has to go for an operation

An’ we send our love, best wishes that tell, we hope she soon gets well

Mike is Mike Martini who replaced Don Sitton who passed away last year. He is  agood capable presenter with his own unique style, and a good interviewer


129) I’m sat writin’ an’ see something delightin’, my car keys

Now I know where they are without fail, cos’ I hung ‘em on a handy nail


130) I got the notion to go do some Earth Fest promotion

Call at the library, leave my details and go see

Fire Chief Larry, now a J. P. gave him info about how it’s gonna be

An’ he says sit down good to see you back in town

Adding he’ll try to give us a look an’ see

We talk an’ I say I’d better behave, not behave like a knave

I’ll try not to speed but tarry

Cos’ I don’t wanna be in the court of Judge Larry


131) First full day almost done, tomorrow’s another one

Good news to tell, Connie’s op went well

So now we all send good wishes hopin’ she’s soon on the mend

An back at the centre works goin’ steady, getting things ready

I’m lookin’ through the programme an’ see a picture of me

Part of the Poets Road Show and, it says back by popular demand

Evenin’ meal eaten, Spaghetti Bolognaise that couldn’t be beaten

Now we find time to unwind

Yes first day almost done, an’ tomorrow’s another one


132) This morning got my car keys without fail,

Cos’ I’d hung them on the nail

Showered, breakfast, then once more I gotta be at KPET

Show done, great fun, an’ once more I run

With leaflets, flyers an’ the rest, promoting Earth Fest

An’ while I’m drivin’ I just seen the price of local gasoline

I’m glad I bought it afore, cos’ here it’s 14 cents a gallon more

Sure makes me feel, like I got a real good deal

Savin’ a pretty penny, an’ so far I’ve hardly used any

So it makes sense without doubt

When I move on to fill up there on the way out


133) Errands done, back I’m goin’ wind now blowin’

An’ I’m feelin’ sore, cos’ I tripped an’ fell, it hurt like hell

But I had a go at mowin’ the gras, it was a work of art

Till the mower stopped an’ refused to start

Then as the day got longer the wind got stronger

We found other jobs to do till we could do no more

So now I’ll end this latest latest score


134) I was asked how did I feel about fish an’ chips for the evening meal

So I said with glee “sounds good to me

It was catfish; I knew the score having eaten it many times before

Soon it was cooked; I thought how good it looked

Perfect at this part of my roam

With a sprinkling of salt, an’ a good splash of malt vinegar from home

We really did have catfish on the table


18.4.19 - 135) Yesterday a stumble turned into a tumble to the floor,

Boy was I sore, an’ this mornin’ it’s hurtin’ some more

A bit of pain, I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen a again

Gonna watch where I put my feet,

Next time I’m walkin’ down a Lamesa street


136) Time slowly abaitin’ I’m sat contemplatin’ mentally debatin

What to say when I go to KPET Radio

Promoting for all I’m worth a festival for the earth

For a community which in its own special way

Will celebrate, International Earth Day

When I go I ain’t  gonna rush

But for now enjoy the stillness an, the mornin’ hush


137) Steady drive as the day comes alive

Tomorrow it’s The Poets Road Show

Each of us in our own way, with something different to say

On the festival’s opening day,

Then away to speak out to people that can’t get out

Then back to the centre and go within sayin’ “ok let the festivities begin”


19.4.49 – 138) Day begun watching the setting of the moon

And the rising of the sun, glistening on the morning dew

Just heard the poets are gonna be few

One on his way, can’t get here till later today

For the rest, other things have got in the way

So it seems this travellin’ bard as such, may have to recite twice as much


139) To KPET we run to get the poetry an’ promo done

Once it’s done we head North to Beehives 1 & 2 more poetry to do

It goes swell we can tell,

Audience says thanks for what you’ve done then away we run

Our final read from the page, at a nursing home called Sage

Then away, back to the studio on Earth Fests first day


140) It’s a hot afternoon, dusty an’ dry, not a cloud in the sky

Work goin’ steady to get things ready, been quiet so far today

But tomorrows another day an’ we needn’t be full of woe

Cos there’s still late afternoon an’ this evenin’ to go


141) Days work done, dinner eaten, chicken that couldn’t be beaten

Open mic not while eight, Lyn says “we don’t have to wait”

Her idea took seed, we gathered round the table to read

Her, Phil, William an’ me to another four

Goin’ round in turn with a poetry score

Our small audience were delighted as each of us recited

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, we made ‘em smile

An’ we’re thinkin’ “that sure was worthwhile”.


20.4.19 - 142) I’m up showered an’ dressed ready to look my best

Cos’ it’s my last day, tomorrow I’m away

An’ I’m gonna need a good night’s sleep before I start

On the next leg of showcasin’ my poetry art

So for tonight I’m gonna dwell in a comfy bed in a motel

An’ tomorrow South I’ll run, with the rising of the sun


143) Morning campfire burning as the day’s turning

Camp cooker goin’, firewood’s glowin’

An’ I’m lookin’ at what’s cookin’ sizzling away

An’ soon I’ll be eatin’ what a great start to the day


144) So ends my final day at Earth Fest as you would expect

Time to reflect. Try as we might, not all things went alright

But what went well was really swell

Neath the blue sky above in the West Texas town I’ve come to love

Only a small number but there was fun an’ food  to share

Look in on Connie give her some cheer

Back from hospital, won’t see her for another year

An’ it seemed right to bid my friends good night

An’ use a motel for my last night

An’ what many know is Earth Fest has 2 more days to go

But I have to be elsewhere, another festival, more poetry to write an’ share

Now I’m pennin’ this ode an thinkin of tomorrow

When once more I hit the road,

An early night seems about right

An’ everything’s laid out just so,

That, after I’m showered an’ dressed I’ll be ready to go

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