Hard to find...

Hard to find...


People often feed off the opinions of others

by reading newspapers or chatting with friends

The truth is even more elusive than ever

reality lies concealed, if not camouflaged

The Truth is hard to find


We are daily bombarded with fake news

propoganda is skilfully manipulated

Film and photos are tampered with

facts and figures altred to suit requirements

The Truth is hard to find...


The two faced and two sided abound

lies have become an accepted norm

Distortion and deception have become common currency

those once trusted have lost all respect and credibility

The Truth is hard to find...


Plato once said, "No one is more hated than he

who speaks the Truth"

his words have come to fruition

Liars and cheats are in the ascendancy

The Truth is hard to find...

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Sun 26th May 2019 18:12

Hi Keith
I really enjoyed this. I often get the feeling that we are being manipulated by the media, the press, the TV etc into believing what they represent to us as 'truth' when the truth is somewhat different. Really good poem

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th May 2019 15:51

A parable for the age perhaps. In politics "truth" has always been an
elusive ephemeral thing - changing from day to day, situation to
situation - to suit circumstances. But our modern world with its instant global media demands makes reality even harder to discern.
The term "fake news" is a recent phenomenon that appears to
represent both the worrying substitution of what is known to be
false or anticipated to be right in place of what is KNOWN to be
CORRECT. The newspapers had their front page - but TV/radio media outfits have the constant pressures to fill in their 24 hour
schedules...and that can lead to misrepresentation at best and
falsehood at worst. And we haven't even touched on media
partiality, right and left-wing.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 13th May 2019 16:26

Hang on a minute Keith...you mean what I read in the Daily Mail is not always true?

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 13th May 2019 15:17

"Found it!" and thanks for sharing it.?


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