Bi polar


This is not a phase,

As they all said. 

They told me my emotions are strong,

So I tried to keep them hid. 

Anger rises in me

As I,

 overflow and boil. 


Sadness overwhelms me, 

As I tremble and burrow. 


Happiness is rare,

Almost like,

 seeing an old friend. 



Timid and distraught, 

Cautious of all men. 

Never did I think I could be this mean. 


I weep at the feet of my own self sorrow. 

I wash away blood from yesterday’s tomorrow 


Why do these thoughts overcrowd my mind

A skunk backed into a corner, is bound to spray in your eye

Please leave me be. 


I never asked for this.

never wanted to think this way 

Never have I wished.

My head turns 

I mutter words to say...

“to all the voices whom spew at me”


I beg you...



I am not this person, 

This isn’t me

please. Please 

I beg you 

I am down on my aching knees.


 cackling with pride, 

Knowing I’m afraid. 


“Silly child, 

You are but a far off stray. 

No one will ever love you, 

That’s why you must be this way.”


“We control you, like the moon does the ocean”

“We pull you in, 

And you Drown in our raging motion.”


I plea...

I try...

 I bargain with this fool...

“Let me go, please... 

I have so much to lose.”






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Fri 10th May 2019 07:37

lovely poem. I think many of us can relate to this.

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Martin Elder

Tue 7th May 2019 21:06

A very honest and well written poem that is summed up for me in the opening line. In that this is the way others who have never been through this can view people displaying such feelings.
Nice one

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mona s

Tue 7th May 2019 14:15

The torment and the agony of the condition has been captured so well by your words.. A very poignant poem..

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