2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 3 Austin

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Image: Performing at Kick Butt a coffee house where open mics are held and they never like to turn anyone away. It is also a place where anything goes and does (within reason), not for the faint hearted. Note my Yorkshire tee shirt 


31.03.19 – 32) Woke to face the day, cool an’ sky of grey

Then away, breakfast stop, task number 1

The to AWR to see what needs to be done

Welcome made it plain they was glad to see me again

But no time to lurk soon at work

Where dirty cages were seen they soon stood nice an’ clean

Fed the squirrels, possums an’ a racoon, all done an’ I’m away before noon

But back tomorrow to make a start at the new centre that’s state of the art


33) Cellphone bought, lunch an' things are goin’ like a song

Then they started goin’ wrong cos’ I never supposed

Yarborough Library would be closed when I went

But it was. For refurbishment, still the day weren’t so dour

I drove to the Manchaca Road Library and used there’s for an hour

Needed to use it cos’ I needed to let friends know where I was

Said all I had to say then away other errands to run

Then I was done, now I’m chillin’ hopin’ things’ll be right

For my first gig at Kick Butt tonight


34) Kick Butt should have started at 8

But the previous event was runnin’ late eventually we got underway,

plenty to sing about or say, away we went proving whatever,

With poetry it’s always better late than never


01.04.19 – 35) To the new AWR Center I’m goin’ radio on, music flowin

Gospel song praisin’ the lord on high, singin’ “Gods on the move:

An’ I’m thinkin’ “so am I” Cos’ one of my Texas tour’s features

Is helpin the injured of his beloved creatures

Yeah an’ it ain’t one of my jokes

When I say "Sometimes I prefer animals to folks”


36) Last year it was just a shell, but there was the potential there

For animal care, no time to work I’m soon at work

An’ it’s grand, fidgety li’l squirrel in my hand

An’ I’m feedin', him what he’s needin'

When he’s done it’s another one an’ I’m just part of the crew,

cos’ other volunteers are feedin’ ‘em too

Then the older ones in their cages, three of us so it won’t take ages

Attending to their dietary needs, nuts veg an’ sunflower seeds

Then it’s done, as usual it’s been fun

I leave the center an’ it’s raining, but I ain’t complainin’

It’s to the library to attend, to my e mails read and send

I come out an’ the sun’s shining so I head where I can be

At one with nature an’ nature can be at one with me


2.4.19 - 37) Alarm sounds I’m out of bed,

Showered an’ dressed ready for the day ahead

Breakfast stop, back to the car and “oh heck”

Walked to the wrong side, made it look like I was givin’ the tyres a check

Press the key; hear a click, somethings wrong the door won’t open

I wonder why, no matter how hard I try. No doubt, it seems I’m locked out

Just when I think, things have gone too far,

I realise I’m trying to get in the wrong car

Same colour an’ style, I walk away with a smile

No dismay, mine’s found in a nearby bay, an’ once more I’m on my way


38) To the AWR in the morning sun, nice drive, sure feels good to be alive

Morning work done to the library I run

E mails opened there’s one from Thom, telling me a radio show I’m on

He’d received a copy which went on to say, “come in at noon today”

He was delighted and exited for what I’d got to say

But it wasn’t fine, in my inbox there was no sign

In the junk mail, sent last night, it had come all right

So before the day’s older I move it to my inbox folder

Open it and yes it did say, come in at noon today

Sent last night, I couldn’t have known, I don’t have I pad or smart phone

Sadly no me on the radio, the die was cast,

The e mail said noon, I read it at 20 past

I sent an apology, hoping they would see, I’m not a slave to technology

Having made it known I can be contacted by mobile phone

So next time they got a slot goin’ spare, 

They can give me a ring an’ I’ll be there

But she has no cell phone which does tell,

She’s not a slave to technology as well


39) Poetry to exude, at Attabar, a festival prelude

The shape of poetry to come, some of the best

At the Austin International Poetry Fest

Plenty to say an’ it’s only 2 days away


3.4.19 – 40) What a delight to see David again last night

Dressed as Ben Franklin as was his will the face of the $100 bill

Hugs an’ smiles an’ I see, he’s also glad to see me

Both at Attabar to read a poetry score,

He says he understands my accent a bit more

But one thing he didn’t ask me,

Was “This year how many car’s is it gonna be”


41) Wednesday afternoon an’ it’s time for some rhyme

Recycled Reads, my first port of call the group only small

Only five but we made our words come alive

A good time had by all, then we break before the next meet

To Dozen Street we go for the Hoodoo Holiday Happy Hour Show

Two singers in, on stage I’m seen reciting my poems some crude some clean

I rend, then end, with a very short one

Two sighs two words an’ then I’m done, audience thought I was fun

It seemed I’d been very clever,

When Scooter said “That’s the best poem ever

Scooter is Scooter Holiday, who with Haydon Hoodoo runs the event every Wednesday at Dozen Street


42) Tonight we sang, we played, we spoke,

Sometimes serious, sometimes a joke, Applause to tell,”

we all went down well I’m drivin back to the motel in the rain

Thinkin’ “The Road Poet done good again”


4.4.19 – 43 Turned in early last night, it seemed right

Dozen St had been a ball, good time had by all

So up early, get ready and away, ready for a brand new day

So I’m on my way, neath sky of grey Steady drive, feels good to be alive

I stop for breakfast an’ find, I’ve left my coffee behind, no need for sorrow

I’ll buy one and warm the other up in the microwave tomorrow


44) Mornings labour of love done, back to Austin I run

Making my way to AIPF for registration day

No need to rush, take my time, an’ maybe get inspiration for a rhyme

Truck on my tail, ain’t gonna panic or cry, just pull in and wave him by

Radio playin’ song after song as I’m drivin’ along

An’ on comes a country ode, about life on the road

An’ I’m thinkin’ I know, cos’ I got a ways to go

Clock on the dash says 45 minutes after 11,

An’ once more I’m drivin’ through a country music heaven


45) The Holiday Inn I’m callin’ in, it’s registration day

Make sure I’m not missed, yes I’m on the list

Booked in paid my fee, got my tee shirt an’ the rest of my gear

Thinkin’ “Ok AIPF, get ready The Road Poet’s here”.

Now to go hence and let the poetry commence


46) Thought I’d make a start with my poetic art

An event I like, an open mic, found out where, sadly no one there

Still no worry I’ll not make a to-do

cos’ David’s got an event at half past two


47 David’s event started, we all took part wholehearted

About Social Justice, Civilian Fight, Using free speech individual flight

Voices that empower, people to take on true grit power

Voices that speak out for the weak, the meek

Voices that dared speak when others were scared

Voices on the attack leading from the front not the back

Yes don’t be choiceless, be a voice for the voiceless


50) David gave us the chance to read so an idea took seed

I made a selection from my bad attitude collection

About the duels between authority and me

I spoke steady an’ clear so all could hear

About how without doubt I would speak out

Promoting freedom of choice and voice, the right to be free to disagree

I read with flair, power and infection there

About havin’ no respect for those in authority

Cos’ those in authority had no respect for me


51) David’s event done, to Recycled reads I run

An open mic, more poems to rend, hosted by Louise, my friend

Always great to see and hear and get a welcome hug from every year


52) With Louise the host, at Recycled Reads we made the most

Only 6 but we didn’t care, we all got up an’ read with flair

Cos only 6 meant we got more time to read our poetry an’ rhyme


53) Recycled Reads done, now a short drive in the evenin’ sun

My final event of the day with Desiree

I think with a smile I ain’t seen her for a while

An’ one things plain, it’ll be good to see her again

We meet it’s a delight, we hug an’ it seems right

Really great, re-united again with a poetry soul mate

Hopin’ our hug, weren’t over zealous, cos’ the last thing I want

Is for her husband Kenny to get jealous


54) Make your poems like a Steve Brooks sound check song

Make ‘em simple but please don’t make ‘em too long


5.4.19 - 55) Festival day 2, I drive back to town

To see what event are goin’ down

Walk into Kick Butt an’ I see,

Hal C Clark wearin’ the same colour tee shirt as me

One thing’s plain, it’s nothing to do with being vain

Cos’ it were also a surprise an’ a delight

To find we were both wearin’ the same colour tee shirt last night


56) Kick Butt should be open mic at one, nobody there it ain’t begun

An’ all those from the previous event have gone elsewhere

Cowboy poets in a corner plannin’ for everything to go fine

For their event tomorrow mornin’ startin’ at nine

An’ I’m waitin’ to see if some more come through the door

Soon it’s 10:15, still no more to be seen,

10:30 and I decide to go but one thing went alright

I was able to give Steve Brooks the poem I wrote

About his soundcheck song last night


57) Recycled reads, event 2 no need to feel blue

Cos’ there’s always someone there to poetry share

Slight peckishness showin’ so coffee an’ a Danish to keep me goin’

This time only 5 but the event still came alive

Poetry with different styles read with fair,

Enjoyed by all who turned up there


58) A break from verse an’ rhyme, so use the time

Library not far, nip there in my car, catch up on the news back home,

An’ share what’s happenin’ ‘on my 2019 poetry roam

Facebook and photos posted so friends could see more

Of the Road Poet on his latest tour

Then back to the motel for coffee an’ a snack

Before the next event an’ things are back on track


59) To an open mic at The Holiday Inn got to the room but nobody in

Waited just the same, but like this morning, nobody came

So to the patio I’m bound, an’ see folks sittin’ around

An’ I’m knowin’, there’s goin’ to be music an’ poetry flowin

So Ok folks let’s get things goin’ what better way to end the day


6.4.19 – 60) Day 3 an’ I see it rained last night but that’s alright

Now it’s comin’ down like a mist, feels like my sunburn being kissed

Coffee drunk an’ I’m away, cos’ I gotta be

With my friend John for some Cowboy Poetry


61) Burger King breakfast, two guys chattin’ away

Can’ tell what they’re sayin’ but it makes me chuckle

Then one goes to the servin’ bar to ask how his favourite ladies are

Time to go so I walk up in a friendly way,

We smile knuckle tap an’ I come away

But not before I say, “mornin’ Sir, have a nice day”


62) I’m at the workshop with John, Connie, Steve an’ Neil

It’s gonna be good I feel. Connie opens the show

But before we can write an ode, John reads the cowboy code

An’ as he’s readin’ away, I’m thinkin’ shame it ain’t used by all today


63) In the main, they said he was insane, like someone stole his rudder

Others said he was as queer as a cow with a 5 teat udder

But he had a way with the wimin, their hearts he was soon winnin’

Looking for one he could love the most. An’ have her tied to his snortin’ post.


64) Across the plain through drivin’ rain, each day a battle

Herding those ornery cattle, when rain is done it’s baking hot sun

Bandana a must when you’re breathing trail dust

Goin’ gets tough, life on the cattle drive sure gets rough

Learnin’ takin’ heed, watchin’ for signs of a stampede

No good being half hearted, or you’re done before your started

Senses have to be alive on a cattle drive, Lightnin’ an’ thunderbolt

Can make the cattle bolt, When sleep is found don’t notice the hard ground

Sometimes brief respite, when we stop by a river for the night 

I strip off an’ I’m in, feelin’ its coolness on my skin

The following day, once more we’re on our way

Across the plain life becomes hard again, as once more we battle

With those ornery cattle. Weeks later a delight

End of the drive is in sight, collect my pay an’ I’m away

Quicker than a blink, a bath to wash away the stink

An’ when I’m clean it’ll be time, to record my experience in rhyme

About the time I covered many a mile, livin’ cowboy style


65) She weren’t no floozy, but it sure was a doozy

When she fell with flair, missin’ the first stair

A hard act to follow, not quite a dive like a swallow

But warned us to beware and not miss the first stair


66) Pistol an’ Winchester for protection, not for offence but defence

But beware, attack if you durst, if I’m in danger I’ll shoot first


67) He blew his nose, the sound was stonkin’

Someone said it sounded just like a goose honkin’

He blew it again an’ someone was sayin’ It sounded just like a donkey brayin’


68) Now it’s time to learn, the cowboy ballads history

An’ Steve’s gonna sing a selection from his collection

Like poetry an’ rhyme, about how cowboys spent their time

Travelin’ from town to town, through generations handed down

Tellin’ the story of past cowboy glory


69) Some ballads turned out to be mutations of ballads from other nations

Others came along as a working song

As many did aspire to sing around the camp fire

Pleasantly passing the time with music and rhyme

Using there bardship to sing about enduring hardship

An’ often the ones they were rending, like opera had a sad ending

But handed down so we all could enjoy, the ballad of the cowboy


70) Steve said write your own ballad, adapt one get it down

You can set it in your own town, So I took stock but got writers block

No lyrics cam my way, try a I might, I couldn’t write a ballad

But not filled with dread, wrote this ditty instead


71) Thunder rollin’ lightenin’ flashin’ to the car I’m dashin’

Thinkin’ I’d better, get my coat before I get any wetter

Then to the library with all haste, no time to waste

Cold rain made me shiver, an’ it’s like drivin’ through a river

Library found e mails read dan’ sent, for lunch I went,

Not a moment too soon, cos; I got another open mic this afternoon


72) Lunch called for I had to pay first, customer stood with stupid grin

She’s paid with a load of change that needed countin’

I could feel impatience mountin’

Did she think she was being clever, I thought “oh whatever”

Decided not to stay

So came away, from there, thinkin’ take my trade elsewhere


73) Rains still comin’ down I’m drivin’ through the town

Thunder still crashin’ lightenin’  flashin’ away

Dark in the afternoon looks like it’s in for the day

At Recycled Reads I run the through the door,

I look at the sky it looks like it’s gonna rain some more

Not to bothered cos’ there I’ll find

I can have an hour and a half with others of like poetic mind


75) Leavin the event an’ it’s pleasin’ to see the rain finally easin’

Then it stops, sun comes out to my delight

But I’m away to rest up before the midnight to dawn event tonight


76) Raindrops on the windscreen splashin’ lightnin’ on the horizon flashin’

Air still warm, thunder rollin’ looks like we’re in for another storm

But it won’t matter much to me cos’ I got my poetry

Slammin, jammin’ recitin’, delightin’ an’ more

From poems of old to my latest poetry score

77) Poetry slam done, played my part, recited impromptu from the heart

Didn’t matter I finished last it was still a blast

I really enjoyed playin’ an’ the folks enjoyed what I was sayin

When I spoke about my fist USA tour, poetry an’ more

Where I’d been, what I’d seen, what I’d done

Between the rising and setting of the sun

Yes we’d had a ball, a good time had by all


7.4.19 - 78) Slammers gone, midnight to dawn event now on

One thing’s clear, not many here

The start of a new day but were gonna read anyway.


79) Still few in number none of us gone to our slumber

As yet neither tired nor bereft and there’s under four and a half hours left


80) We carried on an’ some had gone, but for the rest of us it went well

Then time to go back to my motel, ,tiredness crept over me an’ I slept

Later woken when I heard the thunder roll an’ the rain pour,

I thought I’m not getting up, I’m gonna listen to it some more


81) Rain easin’ air cool an’ pleasin’

Touch of blue sky showin’ an’ I’m knowin

Once the rain’s away, it’s gonna be another great Austin Day


82) To Malvern Books on West 29, Lion an’ Pirate, sounds mighty fine

Drive with care, gps’ll get me there,

An’ when it’s done I‘ll say what a great time I had

Despite not hearing a growl, an “avast ye swabs” or “arr Jim lad”


83) Break between events to my surprise I realise

Thinkin “Oh hell, my cars paperwork is at the motel”

No good there if I don’t drive with care, dash then crash

Or breakdown elsewhere in town, and be out of luck

Unable to call for a pick up truck

So away drivin’ steady as is not the exception but the rule

Don’t want to be no crazy drivin’ fool paperwork got

Now back thinkin’ ok Writers Roulette get the open mic ready


84) Writers roulette, subject allergies and apologies

I thought, could do a wheeze sayin’ sorry after a sneeze

But my thoughts changed as the stories ranged

From not being sorry for who you are, what others like you have done

Not being sorry, when it was you that won

Then it was time for verse an’ rhyme,

An open mic not to be missed, I was delighted cos’ my name was on the list  

A delight cos’ I would be following Birdman 313

An’ did exude, poems from a selection called “bad attitude”

Which seemed to be all the rage,

Leavin’ the audience laughing as I left the stage


8.4.19 - 85) Last night the AIPF came to an end but one last time to read

The work of The Yorkshire Bard, at Kick Butt on Airport Boulevard

Not far from Midtown they never like to turn anyone down

So it was line up, sign up, speak up, sing up.

Had a ball, good time had by all

An’ it weren’t the last one cos' all week there’s more to come


86) One more time at the AWR, feedin’ the squirrel’s

One was it by a car, feisty critter, didn’t linger

Sunk its teeth into my finger

Was he thinkin’ ha, ha so there, that’ll teach you humans to drive with care


87) Computer work done, time for chillin’ in the sun

Then tomorrow after AWR, it’s community radio

An interview on KOOP Pilot Community Show

About comin’ to Texas, my poetry an’ what else I do

Somethin’ I’m really lookin’ forward to


9.4.18 - 88) Away I run, an early morning drive, let the day come alive

Morning mist’ll soon lift; morning sun’ll make it shift

To the AWR, pat of the crew I got possums to see to

Taco;s for breakfast, eat on the way, with black coffee, great start to the day

Soon I’m there an’ the possums, I get stuck in

Clean ‘em, feed’em and watch ‘em tuck in

A feeling of pride as I go outside

Shift done away I run not too far, cos’ I’m meeting Greg at a local taco Bar

Greg is Greg Ciotti a presenter at KOOP Radio, community radio in Austin My firen Thom suggested I look in on them, I left my contact details and Greg rung me to arrange an appearance. Poems 89 to 94 tellhow things unfolded.


89) Me an’ Greg meet, I’m introduced to Tyson the Taco Bar owner

Who goes on to ask, “Can you do a singing task?

Cos’ if you do take it from me your taco will be free”

I said “my singing fills people with dread”

Greg asked “Can he do a poem instead?”

Tyson said he’d like to hear, so it’s get my brain in gear

It’s thought up an’ recited. Tyson’s delighted

Sayin “that I did enjoy, now get your taco. You’ve earned it boy”

If anyone goes to Tyson's and sings they get a free taco, I managed it with a poem. Poem 90  is the one that got me the free taco, it was also recorded and played on KOOP Radio at the start of my interview


90) When I was a kid an’ was hungree, my Paaw he done said to me

Heed my advice my son, get to Airport Boulevard

For a taco made by Tyson.


91) Free tacos eaten, they couldn’t be beaten

Always a delight to recite, when I know, there’s free food on the go

Cos’ wherever I roam, it’s another memory to take back home.


92) Greg introduces my to Bob, being his associate is his job

So we chat and he finds out more about the guy who’ll recite a poetry score

Wheeever he happens to be, especially if there’s a meal for free


93) Greg says “okay we gotta go, back to KOOP Radio

So we run back to the station where his show starts at one

Then we’re in the studio, gettin’ everything just so

I’m writin’ an’ listenin’ to a recorded part of the show

An’ I’m ready an’ waitin’ for Greg to say “Ok Trev go”


94) Radio interview sure was fun, especially how it begun

Had the crowd thought Greg had gone wacko

When he played a recording of the poem that got us a free taco

Then I was asked about comin’ here; travelin’ far, an my work at AWR

What inspired me to write, it was a delight

Then I put the listeners in the know, about my community radio show

Our enthusiasm didn’t diminish all to soon the show had to finnish

It had gone well I could tell,

So as well as a free taco, I got one of Greg’s free tee shirts as well


95) Then away, an’ so carries on the day

Follow the road, to the library, photos to upload

An’ they’ll tell the folks back home my tour’s goin’ well

Then it’s done an’ a new venue on the poetry menu

On I-35 it’s rush hour, traffic goin’ slow, luckily not far to go

Soon I’m parkin’ my car. Outside Flat Track Coffee Bar

An’ it all goes fine; I go for a meal before sign up time

Then I sign up, join the line up,

An’ it’s good to see, other poets known to me

Of us there’s plenty, a list of twenty

I'm not unnerved,  it's first come first served

We begin I’m listenin’ in, an’ an idea takes seed, I know what I’m gonna read

Then I’m on an’ I let rip, firin’ from the hip

Without a care, they laugh when I swear

At the end I pause, take the applause

Made ‘em smile with my rhyming style

My relaxed manner, flying the Yorkshire poetry banner

Poems based on real life, What I’d done I let ‘em run

It was a blast, compliments comin’  thick an’ fast

I stooped to the end, an I’m drivin’ back after a great night thinkin’ once more

The Road Poet done alright, Yes he’d been a hit

And so had the other 19 at Flat Track Coffee Bar’s Living Room Lit


10.4.19 - 96) Mornin’ work done, in the noon day sun, back to Austin I run

I’m drivin’ along listenin’ to a country song

An, I see in front of me, a turtle that doesn’t seem to be knowin’

Where it wants to be goin’

It’s in the middle of the road, so I stop my little load

Trucker sees it an’ moves wide passin’ on the other side

Then I pick it up move it out of harm’s way, it lives to fight another day

My good deed but the jewel in the crown

Was when other drivers stopped, offerin’ help  an’ askin’ if I’d broke down

I explained my deed they said “well done”

So I thanked them for showin’ they care an’ carried on

With once more Country Music comin’ through on the air

An’ I’m drivin’ along listenin’ to another Country song


97) And so to Harriets writin’ workshop where I’m told

Robin won’t be there because she has a cold

An’ didn’t think it fair, spreadin’ her germs in the air


98)  We were given the elements to write about

This time a hard subject for me, no doubt

So I’m thinkin’ for all I’m worth, what to write about earth

I could write in fun, callin’ it, third rock from the sun

Flyin’ though space, in its place, in the universe

Our spaceship earth, an’ it all adds to my verse


99) Volcano erupts

Earths own fire with smoke

Blottin’ out the sun


100) Hydrogen two parts

Oxygen one part gives us

Life savin’ water


101) Feelin’ sad today, squirrel passed away

Put to sleep, I want to weep

Seein’ it struggle to breathe was plain, need to ease it’s pain

Said to be the best thing to do we find, not cruel but kind

Let it gently go to sleep, but still I want to weep


102) Mornin’ sun rising

Noon day sun shining high

Evenin’ sun setting


103) Full English writin’ group, I’ll have the American breakfast this time

Thought I’d sample cookin’ in the style of the country where I do my rhyme


104) Nightclub on the moon

Failed to catch on, because it

Had no atmosphere


105) GPS workin’ no time for lurkin’ open mic goin’ down I’m in the know

San Antonio Poet’s at the Rossella Coffee Co

Set off early cos’ heavy traffics expected

An’ traffic jams make me feel dejected

Getting near, traffic get’s drear

Music like soothing balm keeps me calm

Follow GPS instructions to the letter, couldn’t have been better

Soon I’m parkin’ up outside the meet, on East St Jones Street


106) Coffee stop, no time for talkin’ coffee to go an’ I’m soon walkin’

Camera to the fore taking pictures of San Antonio I ain’t seen before

An’ there’s something different to see every time

I come here to do my rhyme

Snappin’ away, I’m spoilt for choice, pictures can say more than a voice

Photos of boats, people waving, grotto,

Sculptures in the grounds of the museum

Back home I’ll post ‘em on facebook so all my friends can see ‘em

But for now it’s back to Rosella’s, go on in,

Sit an’ wait for the poetry to begin


107) I go back to my car, Rod sees me wipe away some sweat

an’ goes on to say”why shelter in a car on such a hot day,

I explain I’m keepin’ my travellin’ on track

Programmin’ my GPS for tomorrows journey an’ tonight’s way back

Thankfully he didn’t think I was crazy, but in the main

We both thought it was good to meet up again


108) I step out into the cool night air, my car’s still there

Goodbyes have been said, I set the GPS to head

Back to Austin to my motel an’ a welcomin’ bed

It’s sure been delightin’ sharin’ our recitin’.

An’ plenty more to write an’ say. Cos’ tomorrows another poetry day


109) I put the radio on, it’s a classical tune an’ sure sounds swell

A tune I know well, the overture from William Tell

It comes to The Gallop, my favourite part, turn up the sound

Feel like shoutin’ “Hi Ho Silver away”

But watch the speed limit, I don’t want to get carried way

Cos’ I ain’t come this far, an’ it won’t be a delight

If I get pulled over for speedin’ drivin' home tonight


11.4.19 – 110) Traffic queues on the other side

Lights on like one big illuminous snake, I’m thinkin’ for goodness sake

Not a great start to the day, I’m glad I’m goin’ the opposite way


111)  One by one the squirrels an’ possums were being done

Watered an’ fed an’ a clean pillowcase for a bed

Some was sprightly, some was calm, as if sensing I meant no harm

Teeth bared as if  scared, talk gentle an’ as if they understand

Soon I’m strokin’ ‘em in my hand

Some tryin’ to hide under the beddin’ like the groom at a shotgun weddin’

Then I find one that’s passed away, hold him gently an’ say

“Goodbye little guy”, at least he went been loved

So not too much sorrow, I’ll be back helpin’ the livin’ tomorrow


112) Laundry to do so I’m seen doin’ my best to look nice an’ clean

Soon washed but needs dryin’ so in the dryer it goes

99 minutes to wait, go to the library I suppose

Once again get the news from home and tell them about my roam

Go the whole hog and add new poems to my blog

Tried to upload a programme to mixcloud but it didn’t want to play

So try again another day

Now it’s all done, see if my laundry’s done too

I collect it it’s still damp, now that makes me blue

Try again, another 99 minutes, no way; I’ve better things to do


113) Spread the clothes about my room,

Hopefully they’ll dry better that way

Then once more away. Headin’ North this time for more verse an’ rhyme

Belton Library the place to be, Temple Poets I’m gonna see

My first time there to share what we all wrote, a real poetry table-de-hote


114) Temple Poets, New Beginnins’ the theme, went like a dream

Only 5 of us but the evenin’ comes alive

As we read round, an’ round again, readin’ clear an’ plain

Great night, comin’ here ain’t been in vain

Now the sun’s settin’ time to be getting,

So back to Austin along the road I’ll fly hopin’  my laundry is nearly dry


12.4.19 - 115) Cool start to the day, gonna get hotter they say

It’ll be a nice drive, watchin’ the mornin’ come alive

Makin’ my way to the AWR, where there will be

Cages full of li’l critters waitin’ for me

Some might try to bite, others’ll think it’ a jape tryin’ to escape

Each one a li’l treasure makin’ my time there a real pleasure


116) Sad to say today 2 possums had passed away

But while they were livin’ they enjoyed the love we were givin’

Then for some fun, gettin’ the others done

Some with teeth bared, but I weren’t scared

An’ it’s grand when they settle in my hand

It’s delightin’ when they ain’t bitin’

Makes my day when a cage is done an’ they’re eatin’ away

An’ I’m thankin’ God above as I’m doin’ my labour of love


117) Job done an’ I’m away to have  a look at what’s posted on facebook

Picture of me an’ friends an’ I’m wearin’ my shorts

A friend comments “Get the breeze on your kneeze”

An’  I sure hope she knows what I means

When I say “Yup, they’s comfortabler ‘an my jeans”.


13.4.19 – 118) Last night the Green man was where it was at

We sat around the table an’ chewed the fat

Talkin’ about what we’d done, where we’d been, what we’d seen

How great to meet up again, sadly Thom wasn’t there he was elsewhere

The rest of us had a blast, then it was time to go

For some the call of home was stronger

Shame the evening couldn’t have lasted longer


119) It’s spittin’ an’ the sky is grey as I begin my day

An’ as I’m drivin’ soon is seen, bigger drops on he windscren

Then as the mornin’ gets longer, the rain gets much stronger

We get more an’ it begins to really pour

Then when afternoons begun out comes the sun

Once more to the library to tell the folks back home

How things is going on my roam

I tell ‘em they’re going fine, but after tomorrow I’ll be offline

Trying to contact me’ll be in vain, until I reach Lamesa Library again


120) It’s evenin’ the days gotten old, the winds blowin’ really cold

Don’t think I can do no more so this is today’s last poetry score


14.4.19 – 121) The day comes alive as I begin my drive

Cool, but clear sky to say “It’s gonna be a hot day”

I’m drivin along an’ se the sun risin’ on the horizon

Sure is a real nice drive, I’m feelin’ good to be alive

As I’m makin’ my way, to AWR for my final day

Now I’m there, no time for lurkin’ I gotta get workin’

Gonna give my best, cos’ tomorrow I head out West


122) There’s work to be done in mammal room 1

First the squirrels who think it’s a jape, as they try to escape

An’ away they’re bound, givin’ staff the run-around

So I take extra care, an’ when I’m done they’re all still there

Then there’s others needin’ a beddin’ change before their feedin’

Then I’m asked to lend a hand, feedin’ the raccoons an’ it goes grand

Each gets a measured ration,

Of formula an’ they’re guzzlin’ it like it’s goin’ outa fashion

It’s great to see an’ it really pleases me

I’m enjoyin’ the interaction, real job satisfaction

All too soon the mornin’s done I gotta go back

To the motel to pack, to keep my tour on track

Wish I could have stayed, but I can be proud of the part I played


123) Suitcase almost packed, do what I can do then away I run

Enjoy an afternoon of sun before tonight’s fun

At Kick Butt a place of my choosin’ for poetry not boozin’

Always a delight an’ it’s my last night

So I’ll give my best, before tomorrow when I head West

With memories of the great time I had

Givin’ poetry from the Yorkshire Travellin’ Lad

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2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 4 Austin to Lamesa ►


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