What- genuinely new under the sun-
is heading this way? 

Born of intuition, born of wonder,
rumours grow, fit to burst.

It is said to be an animal, a relative,
a bird some say, a sparkling unknown 
one-of-a-kind rainbow creature.
Catch it and it must speak they say.
Miss it and... well, our stuttering ways
are not so bad.

But what could it tell us?
What difference would there be for our over-populated world?
I am content that dreams will still vein our sleep like marble.
Sure the angry man will still lash out.
And if you keep starving, you will die.

Are there words of comfort we have never heard?
New words of understanding? 
Who in this polluted world can say?

Already all those excited by the possibilities
join in preparation for this one chance.
Already the strongest supporters
of the old ways are taking action.

What is at stake? 
Well, nothing money can buy.
It is much more serious than that.

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 15th May 2019 21:02

When I was young "pet rocks" were all the rage. I remember looking at one, and in my 10 year old mind, I was very confused. It was exactly the same as the ones that all the other kids had. What is at stake....? Pride. Even at that age I think I knew.
Great writing Adam

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