The Only Band That Mattered! - a tribute to the Clash

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The Only Band That Mattered!

This is a public service announcement
Without guitars! - But how they still ring in my ears
The first time I saw the Clash
a memory frozen in time, after all these years
with Mikey Dread on the 16 Tons Tour
the lights went down
cue Ernie Tennessee Ford
we charged over the seats
I've no idea how many rows
then the lights come up
to Safe European Home!
The place exploded
pandemonium reigned
we pogoed and sang
it feels just like yesterday

Now I'm preaching to the converted
you'll have your memories just like mine
but I'm sure I speak for all of us
- it was the night that changed my life!

They were the only band that mattered
the Punk band that really cared
the band that changed a generation
the band that hit a nerve!

I'm so bored with the USA
Whiteman in Hammersmith Palais
London's Burning, Remote Control
Clash City Rockers in Complete Control
Tommy Gun, Police on my back
I fought the law, Jimmy Jazz
London Calling, Strummercamp too
One, Two I got a crush on You!
Somebody got Murdered, City of the Dead
Groovy Times, Gates of the West
Rock the Casbah, Spanish Bombs
White Riot, Pressue Drop
Know your rights, the list goes on

Strummer, Topper
Simonen and Jones
A riot of our own!

I've seen them dragged out of gigs
bloodstained and battered
Their T-shirts all torn
beer stained and tattered
Still singing their hearts out
because it didn't matter
They'd seen The Clash
the only band that mattered!

Jeff Dawson May 2019

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Wayne McLellan

Tue 11th Jun 2019 14:07

Nicely done Jeff. I appreciate the Clash more now than I did in my younger days..

On another note, I see your from Bolton and I have a couple of friends who live there. I've been to a couple of poetry nights in Liverpool (I'm based in west Lancs). Just wondering what the poetry scene's like in your neck of the woods?

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