The pigeon is a miracle of digestion,

like a 747 lands anywhere it can find a space

flaps down to decimate the garden plan

of spring delights.

Like the whale with plankton

the succulent buds it doth consume,

and once re-fuelled, flaps up

its beady flight it doth resume.


For the rest of the year its diet is basic,

then it dreams of long distance and messages carried,

delivering its splats on houses and flats

bringing curses from the mouths of those below.

Knowing its aerial Boeing ways

we pray for diversions and delays.




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Tue 28th May 2019 21:26

Hi Brian. Yes they played a vital part during the war and deserve the respect of hindsight. Thanks.

Stu, I suppose the antipathy mainly comes from their chomping at treasured efforts, a matter of ownership and expectations really. No love is wasted.

David, you ogre you. Thanks for not standing up for them.

Thanks for your input Jon - glad you liked the humour.

Martin, I think you are in the main of like mind with most of us. The ones in my garden wait under the bird feeder to pick up the spoils . Predictable.

Thanks Jennifer. You do have some good stories ! That one takes some working out - a sort of old wives' tale perhaps. I don't know how intelligent the pigeon is but they are a bit limited in manoeuvreability.

Thank you for the likes Keith and Binte.


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jennifer Malden

Sun 26th May 2019 20:27

Liked this - have to say I don't care for city pigeons as if they take a fancy to a part of your home you are in trouble. My father, who was army, had an allotment - got fed up with them eating his stuff, so studied their landing and take-off directions, planted everything diagonally, and that did the trick, (he said)!


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Martin Elder

Sun 26th May 2019 18:47

I believe that in certain inner city locations peregrine falcons have been employed to cull the pigeon population. I am not sure whether that would ever be extended to more suburban or rural locales.
I have to confess I have a love hate relationship with them, probably depending on my mood. Hope that doesn't make me some kind of bird hater.
Nice poem Ray

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Sun 26th May 2019 18:20

Hi Ray
Nice poem! The last bit made me laugh in particular.
Great observations

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Stu Buck

Fri 24th May 2019 20:06

nice ray. i love pigeons but fear i may be the only one

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Brian Maryon

Fri 24th May 2019 12:25

I can't help feeling sorry for the poor old Passenger Pigeon.

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Fri 24th May 2019 11:48

Hi folks. This is a follow up to Closing the Circle. Thanks.


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