Keep our N.H.S. alive !

Doctors are being driven to despair,

As a crisis unfolds in health care.

The system is creaking at the seams,

Disillusioned doctors leaving early to pursue retirement dreams.


Surgeries closing at the rate of two a week,

440 G.P.s lost last year as their pressures peak.

As our growing and ageing population does soar,

If the G.P. service fails,the N.H.S. could be no more.


The G.P. service is the foundation of the N.H.S.

It is in grave danger of becoming a mess.

If the system is to survive and continue to please,

One thing is clear we must create more G.P.s


Thousands of well qualified youngsters are affected,

Due to the lack of places at med schools ,are rejected.

We need more med schools in the future to survive,

More G.P.s to be created to keep our N.H.S. alive!



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