Conflict of Interest

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Grievances endured at the barrels of my heart,

Eroded the barriers masking the forbidden thoughts:

I dreamt of longevity, the feeling of being secure,

It was a plan, and plans inevitably become obscured,

My dream of this future became a catalyst to my motivation,

You were well aware, as it was always kept transparent,

But you harbored your guilt and let me use my motivation to succeed,

But your idea of my success was my idea of a failure,

I followed my heart, it’s desires and such,

All for you to tell me that it was too much,

I stand alone here with an empty smile holding my diploma at graduation,

An overbearing lackluster sensation,

I shake my lifeless hand to accept this job offer,

And every week I cash this meaningless paycheck,

Just to spend it all with much regret,

I’m here now living most of my dream,

But even a fraction missing was more than it had seemed, 

Do I thank you for having my success be your sole intention,

Or do I hold a grudge against you for leading me here through deception?


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