2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 7 Kerrville to McAllen

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Image: Clark's Colonial Flag, always flown on my visit to depict English Poet in residence, we have even devised a ceromony for the flying and striking of it.


22.4.19 – 154) Once again it’s dark like yesterday,

Once again I’m on my way travellin’ some more,

The road Poet on tour

I leave the motel turn left an’ then I’m once more on Interstate 10

An’ offer a short prayer to drive with care

An’ be aware of the animals that may be there

Keep them out of my way, let them live another day

But I’m still watchful an’ alert, don’t want any of ‘em to get hurt

An’ things go alright to my delight,

So I decide to hear an’ see what’s on my USB

An’ get the music flowin’ as down the road I’m goin’

Songs an’ music sure is a delight, as it’s gettin’ light

An’ as I’m comin’ out of the dark

I’m playin’ Pachelbel’s Canon, a variation by my dear friend Clark

Then it’s light an’ we’re slowin’ down West of San Antonio town

From experience I know the goin’s usually slow

I’m looking for a road, a special one, the 2-8-1

It’s found, I’m on it and Southward bound

Coverin’ many a mile and listenin’ to my recording’ country style


155) Saw cheaper gas along the way, didn’t exactly spoil my day

Nor did I with anger enthuse but thought, “Some you win some you lose”


156) Nianna’s hug made it plain, how good it was to meet again

As we smile an’ chat a while

Think how great it is at journey’s end, to spend some time with a friend

Catch up on last year, what has happened since I was last here

Then away nice an’ steady, to Clark’s where my room is ready

He’s already made it known, treat his home as my own

An’ there’ll also be, his li’l dog Ivy waitin’ there for me


157) We meet an’ I bring Clark up to speed

About my latest tour an’ yesterday’s dog rescue deed

An’ more, about what the week ahead has in store

While Mario’s still in Mexico, hopefully home soon

An’ Ivy’s tail wagging welcome made it plain; it was great to be back again

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