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‘At least your skin isn’t black’ as if that changes anything or makes it better.

I am still as foreign with my white skin. With my ‘funny sounding’ language,

in a country where people don’t understand the concept of knowing

different languages, where they know no other, except for their own.


                                             One. And only.


Where I can’t speak my mother tongue. No one will understand and I might

 even offend someone. Because my tongue is cut in two and sometimes

a word slips and I’ll have to apologize. ‘Sorry’ I’ll say with a smile,

dying on the inside, ashamed. Apologizing for using my language.


                      That’s not what my family taught me.


‘I expected your accent to be a lot heavier’ But you didn’t know

that it took me twelve years to get rid of that accent, the one

I should be proud of.


                                             And I am.


I am proud of my Balkan soul that dreams to go back to the deep salty sea

and the mighty mountains. I miss my small homeland that many

have never heard of. In this flat country I miss the hollows and the heights.

In this country I am foreign.


                                           I am an alien.

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Martin Peacock

Fri 31st May 2019 08:52

A really good poem, Marina. I can only imagine - very poorly, at that - how it must feel to be thought an 'intruder'. Here we are, on a planet overflowing with human beings and somehow we still contrive to seek difference and division anywhere we look. You describe succinctly, in a forthright way both the frustration of being an outsider and your pride in your identity. I look forward to reading more by you.

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 10th May 2019 21:22


Many people never know what it is like to feel foreign, that you describe your yearning and feelings of alienation here is a good thing.

In many ways societies demand that immigrants assimilate. Although there is talk of multiculturalism and acceptance/tolerance there is pressure on those especially of younger years to dispense with their cultural heritage, this can cause huge familial disruption and confusion. These are things that just do not register with most of those who will never consider themselves to be foreign.

It is a relevant subject in many so called developed countries in this age of migration and displacement.

A thoughtful and questioning piece of writing.


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Fri 10th May 2019 16:48

Really enjoyed this. Thought provoking and deep. Thanks for sharing. Tx

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