Grave of the Fireflies

Firefly this isn't about hurting you now
I just want the world to know I'm freeĀ 
No longer grasping to the thought of you
I never wanted to call this a burden but it was

Two years of a situation being grim
Thinking about suicide because I wasn't doing anything
This is my final goodbye but you'll never see it
I truly loved you don't you ever deny them words

I have to distant myself from the memories now
It's time for me to grow up and be a man now
So no more long hair and overreacting
This is me taking back my name and my heart with it
I could never wish you bad will

I said two years ago we were never going to end up being friends
It was lovers or bitter enemies nothing in between
This is my last goodbye so if you see me in the streets don't say a word
I'm sorry but I guess every Firefly has a graveyard to lay in

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Stu Buck

Fri 10th May 2019 00:37

enjoyed this and grave of the fireflies is one of my favourite films, although its so heartbreaking i can barely bring myself to watch it

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Thu 9th May 2019 04:28

Heartbreaking freedom. ?

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