on the balcony

there you are, behind the glass

so close, so far

and time's too fast, for us

cause it's timeless what we want to be

and how we want to see 

the grains of our love growing into a mystic tree


sitting on my wooden chair

your legs crossed, a face cold as frost,

the gaze turned to the ground

your body bounded in the kettles

that you chose a long time ago

you cannot move

and that is when you choose the blues


I watch you from my balcony

and smoke your cigarette

the shadow of your silhouette

makes my cheeks so red, my eyes so wet.


I speak from your breath

you turn my words into the blues

and the time is too fast

and we both know

that it is nothing and everything

that we will loose


◄ light as light

Holding the tide ►


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Tue 14th May 2019 11:39

Dear Keith, thank you for your comment on this poem. I got very happy from this, since you managed to capture my feelings in a few lines.

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keith jeffries

Tue 14th May 2019 09:03

I found it necessary to read this poem a few times to absorb the atmosphere it generated. It is filled with a deep sense of melancholy which although sad has a peculiar beauty with it. You paint a picture which to my mind accentuated the entire purpose of your writing it. I hope this makes sense as I enjoyed it and found it to be very real.

Thank you for this

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