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I. Unlost
We Distort Reality
 With Spellbound Words,
Pick And Choose Today’s Illusion.
When Every Truth Could Be Absurd,
Prove I Am By Exorcism. 

II. In A Corner
Glowing Little Children,
Glowing Through The days Of Rat.
Head Inside My Hands
(Older Than I Am),
Push In Past The Skin
(No Matter I’ve Been Damned)
I Was Born First Thing In The Morning
And I Shall Die At The Stroke Of Midnight.
No Matter How Much Older I Get,
 I Keep-

Losing My Pace(Behind Every Rat)
Losing My Page(Lies A Pig)

III. Unseen
We Pretend To Know The Demon; Time.
As The Clock Reveals Another Lie.
Altering Reality In Ways Unfelt.
My Dice Are Loaded,Yet Cards Are Dealt.
Now I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself Or Anyone Else.
Even In My Sleep, In Seeps 
The House Of Screams.
Italicized Dreams Representing
My Seed….Even In My Sleep.
We Pretend To Know The Demon; Faith
As The Clock Reveals
Another Face.
Eating Reality In Ways, In Me
Eroding Time
We’re Unlost,
In A Corner, 

Cannibal JonesThe Search

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