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Un soneto para tí

El radiante sol que alumbra mi día

Tú con tus ojos de dulce oscuridad

Con una alma de dulce sensualidad

Y calentaste mi persona fría


Y con una suavidad me caía

Y me paso por pura casualidad

Tú con tu gentil caballerosidad

No sabía el veneno que bebía


Deseo de aún roto corazón

Más veneno por esta alma corrupta

Salvavida para mi mente oscura


Futuro dol...

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I Promise...Farewell

"I promise I will never leave you."

"You are the only one I care about."

"I promise I will always love you."

"Losing you would be devastating."

"I promise I will love you forever."


You made many promises to me

Yet you broke all of them.

You promised me the world

Yet you made it collapse on me.


You never understood - 

You were my world the entire time,


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Sparing You

I remember the times

I was afraid of the light

The darkness was comfortable

The light was an adventure


You helped pull me out of the dark

You showed me the warmth of the light

And your light grew brighter

Brighter to the point

It pushed my darkness away


And although it rained around me

You made sure there was a light

So a rainbow could appear

Among the...

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The Gown

Mysteries lay hidden

Underneath the ruffles

Of her afternoon dress.


Blues and greens

Merge together

To create her gown.


It starts with the

Soft tones of blues and greens.

The longer the gown,

The darker the tone becomes.


A gown of blues and greens

With white lace

And silver linings.


They wish to tame her,

But she is an untameable force.


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Coloured Change

Every living thing stops at that moment.

The moment that golden orb

Slowly slinks down

Beyond the horizon.

The moment the sky changes,

Azure to gold, gold to flame.

The moment the clouds gain life,

From heavenly white to gold,

Gold to amethyst, amethyst to rose quartz.


It is the time that determines

Whether you will sleep in comfort,

Waiting for a new day.


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The War

Darkness is a force we fear.

It hides in the most obvious of places,

Yet it hides in places we can't reach.


Light is a force we cherish.

It is everywhere you look,

Yet it easily hides from our eyes.


It is a never ending battle.

Sometimes the light wins,

Sometimes the darkness wins.


But remember,

There is always a shinning light within the darkness


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I'm Sorry

It must be so confusing to you.

One second I'm there,

The next I'm not.

One second I'm happy,

The next I'm insufferable

And I'm sorry.


I try so hard to step into the light

And stand there by your side,

But the darkness always whispers

And I allow myself to be pulled back into it.


I'm scared.

The darkness tells me the cruel truth

And the light tells me ...

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Your Warmth

It is always so cold here.

Not a single source of light.

I'm not even sure if I am alive.


How long have I been here?

When was the last time I've felt warmth?


All of a sudden,

There is a small light.

I see you smile at me

And I faintly feel the cold slip away.


I am tempted to join you,

But I am so used to the darkness,

The place that I call home.



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Lighter with You

I used to be a beast.

A beast no one approached,

A beast everyone feared,

A beast everyone hated.


Then you came along.

One with pure intentions,

One with an open-mind.


You approached me with a smile,

You charmed me with a laugh, 

You convinced me to step out of the shadows.


I took one step out

And was instantly embraced by your warmth.

It's so muc...

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A Single Wish

There are many things I wish for.

I wish to fly free like a bird.

I wish I could come and go like a cat.

I wish I could be wild like a horse.

I wish I could be prideful like a lion.

But for some reason,

What I wish for the most,

Is for you to be by my side.


I wish I could see you without being judged.

I wish I could joke around with you as though we were friends.


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Two Sides to a Coin

I'm not a puppet.

I'm not immobile.

I don't have strings.

I'm not a puppet

You can just control.


I am titanium.

I am indestructable.

Nothing can hurt me.

No one can break me down.


But in reality,

I am a diamond.

I may appear strong

But I can easily shatter

when dropped.


I am the ocean.

I am calm.

I have my uncontrollable days.

I am ...

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Ignorance is Bliss

It seems there is a giant rift between us.

Of course it's all my fault. 

I'm sorry if I was a nuisance.

I didn't mean to be a dolt.

I allowed ignorance to guide me

As well as idiocy to aid me.

I meant to get close

But instead pushed myself farther away.

I know it's not mutual,

And though it pains me so,

At least you are happy 

And that's all I need to know.

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Hope Still Lies There

Although you are silent,

Your presence intrigues me.

Although I shouldn't,

I keep thinking of you.

Although you ignore me,

I stay attached.

Moments like these

I wish I was detached.

Reality, oh, cruel fate.

You show me truth, always.

Yet like a fool,

I stay in Hope's warm embrace

And allow Imagination spirit me away.

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Death's Game

Death is everywhere.

You can’t get rid of it.

It is silent.

It will take those you love

Away from you.


To Death,

There is no difference

Between good or evil.


It hangs in the air

Like an early morning fog.

Once it takes a victim,

It will hunt for a new one.


It takes a hold of you

With its icy grip.

It will suck the life

Out of your body.


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Peace and War

Peace is like a dove.

It is a sign of hope,

A sign for a new day.


War is like a snake.

It will slither into our hearts.

It will promise things that are not possible.


Peace is a unicorn.

It is an elusive being.


War is a slap to the face,

A reality become by humanity’s greed.


The government lies.

They say war brings peace.

It is a never ...

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The Dark Side

Some say I am kind.

Some even say I am an angel.


They have yet to meet my dark side.


People think I am a warm-hearted person,

But I can take a one-eighty turn.

My heart is so cold

It could freeze the ocean and bring back the Ice Age.


People say I am a peacemaker,

But piss me off,

Prepare yourself for war,

Because World War 2 will pale in comparison


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