An Ode to The Puppiteers

An Ode to The Puppeteers

Your marionettes, so nimble, so well known.
The show's real cool when that fat lady sings
Those moody blues to mellow toned trombones.
But tell us, who is it who pulls the strings?
The Quiz-Master with twinkling eyes, smiles sweet.
He tells us, we could win the million prize.
That honey coloured blond is baking cakes.
The treacle tart looks good enough to eat.
Now folks it's time to watch some exercise.
Our team is hot and starts to overtake.
The fans around the ground they cheer and sing
But tell us, who is it who pulls the strings?

Your puppets play on every earthly stage,
Gathering gold to buy our very souls,
Sowing lies and hatred, cruel wars to wage,
So will you tell us who's waggling those poles.
Your story's plot is evil through and through,
With poor men, small men sweating blood with tears
You oil the cogs within the wheels of states,
You grease the palms of judges turned askew.
Do off-script dummies spoil the atmosphere?
No sweat, get someone who assassinates.
We've watch this show so long and feel real sick.
But soon we'll know who's jiggerling those sticks.

Scheming schemes behind the scenes to mislead,
While masters, minions, machinators act.
You are deceived to believe you succeed.
All crime is seen, that is a divine fact.
On judgment day, for you no hiding place.
Bitter grapes of wrath all your crew will taste.
Your palaces and prisons all laid waste.
No more strings to pull or poles to jiggle.
Though awhile you were an evil riddle,
Your very memory will be erased.



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Sun 19th May 2019 15:51

Keith, Dorothy, Jennifer - thank you for your words of encouragement.
An allegory? - sure, as William S said,
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players; ..."
But the 'show' began long long ago and oh how we need to ask, what strings do we dancing to?

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jennifer Malden

Sat 18th May 2019 19:52

Great writing. Intelligent use of words. Do off-script dummies spoil the atmosphere? You are deceived to believe you succeed - etc. Very clever - an allegory of modern life with TV as the vehicle?


<Deleted User> (21487)

Sat 18th May 2019 15:05

Ah! Fish,
There is a hypnotic quality to this one - it is deep and mysterious and I agree with all of keith's comments.


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keith jeffries

Sat 18th May 2019 11:51

A poem packed with significant meaning. It needs to be read a few times and then to savour its message. Both style and content are excellent.

Thank you for this


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