Why does it feel like I failed when I tried so hard?

How can it be when I never relented?

I burned myself out 'til my senses were charred,

I sold out my soul and moved into rented.


And those most precious don't really talk with me,

Even though I tried so hard to hear them,

Maybe it's my fault 'cos I'm not what I ought to be,

And try as I might I just can't get near them.


It's a sadness that leaves me more than bereft,

That those most important don't want to know,

That once I'm without them there's nothing else left,

But the truth is I know that I might have to go.


Things slip away and it's not that that's right,

But it's truth, although I wish I didn't know,

That eventually you just run out of fight,

Until you can't help but let it all go.

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Mae Foreman

Wed 8th May 2019 23:04

As a friend once told me, not so long ago," If the sincerity and honesty in the words that you write are any reflection of your character, I think you'll be fine."
You'll be alright dear Jason?
Beautiful poem!
Thank you ?

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