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Me And You Holding Our Breath That Afternoon.
Me And You With Blood On Our Hands
We Drew The Moon Then we Gave It Away.
And If I Get Lost, It Won’t Matter To Me.
I Know That Heaven Lies Just Out Of My Reach.
And If Heaven Is Not For Me Then Hell Won’t Do.
They Think They All Know, But They Don’t
Mimic The Moon And Scorch The Sun,
Count All The Stars ‘Till there’s None.
I’ve Caught The Scent Of The Depressed
 And Your Bed, It Reeks Of Doom,
‘Cuz you Fear The Darkness Is Though it Seems,
But, This You’ve Known All Along.
This Looks Just Like The Place, I forget The Name.
We Part Ways For Rainy Days In This Town Of Grey,
The Ghosts No Longer Live.
He Walks Away With Shameless Guilt.
Disguised Himself To Match The Night.
They Never Guessed That Death Wore White.
This Time Last Breath Is Mine.
This Time My Last Breath Is Mine.

Cannibal JonesSong

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