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What am I doing? Blurry lights glow before my eyes. Who am I? Should I check? Where am I? 11:11, the clock reads. Always 11:11. Oh, yes…… I am no one, at least for the night. Red, white and blue eyes reflect black at my soul. Time to roll, for the dead travel fast. All’s in black for the backwoods. Anticipation steals my heart in storms. Chaos is on the bound. Fortunate Son plays along to my midnight mission. I stop at the sign and enter the way high at top speeds only death would follow. I’m putting down the pipe. Went one toke over the line. But I got the sword in tow in case a situation occurs. Silence floating on the wind and sending whispers into my brains. About ten more minutes and the mask goes on.  About nine minutes and the face comes off.  Vulgarity flows as freely as this acid rain I drive though in the middle of the night thinking, I might as well be invisible.  Cameras though are a different story.  But that’s ok.  I kinda want them to see me. Not that it would matter. 

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