Do you? I do

Do you hesitate when

Your thoughts have all unwound

To press the upload button

 And spread them all around ?


I do



Do you hesitate if

Your language seems bit rough

Will it upset readers

Does it sound bit tough ?


I do


Do you press regardless 

Cos that's the way you are

Want your thoughts to screen out

Regardless, near and far ?


But wait....


Do you still hold, hesitate

Is it up to par

To your poetic standard

Where youv'e set your bar ?


I've finished hesitating

Say it's just too bad

I hit the upload button

New poem to be had


Don Mat


◄ Mute

Hospital ►


<Deleted User> (21487)

Mon 6th May 2019 17:26

I have found your 'like ' button and i have pressed it and sent you a flower.
i like your defiance - sounds as if you are feeling better.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 6th May 2019 14:53

Good to see that time spent healing in bed
Is producing positivity inside your head! ?

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Don Matthews

Mon 6th May 2019 14:13

Can't see a like button anywhere ??

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