2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 9 McAllen to Austin

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Image: Back in Austin, flowers on the roadside verge opposite my motel, photographed on the way to supper.


29.4.19 189) Great night last night, what a delight

Supper in Mexico, potions just right

Didn’t feel alone, welcomed as one of their own

Treated well, interacted and found friendship as well

Sadly had to bid farewell,

US Border, bit of a queue, that’s it we’re through

Yes, last night really was a delight


189) Car stowed, ready to hit the road, Mario couldn’t lurk

Said goodbye before he went to work

Took Ivy one last time to do what all little doggies have to do

An’ if anyone looks they’ll find, I’ve left nothing behind

Soon I’ll say goodbye to Clark an’ maybe shed a tear

But think positive an’ look forward to comin’ back next year


190) On our last walk me an’ Ivy went, now she’s lyin’ like she’s spent

Or is she lyin’ sad cos’ she’s knowin’ her favourite limey will soon be goin’

Yes I can no longer stay, one last hug, then me an’ Clark strike the flag

To make it clear, the poet in residence is no longer here

He’s going home at the end of his roam

Headin’ for Austin to spend his last night,

Before tomorrow’s homeward flight


191) Road’s quiet I like it so, can’t be bothered with the radio

Thinkin’ about the poems I’ve written, an’ had folks with laughter smitten

Help I’ve rendered, from migrants to injured animals I’ve tended

Thinkin’ about the people I’ve met, sayin’ this is my best tour yet

An; the time I thought “well I never”

When a student asked “Where can I learn to talk like Trevor”

Austin at last an’ time affording, to collect in interview recording

Then Northward bound, motel found

Book in ring Clark to say I’m here an’ find,

I’ve left my pencil sharpener behind

Never fear, I’ll collect it when I come back next year

An’ he says how he can see, Ivy looks to be missin’ me

An’ I can never refute, she is kinda cute

Night begins to fall an’ it’s time to give Nianna a call

We laugh an’ joke about what we’ve done

The teacher an’ the Yorkshire bloke

She says goodbye, then for supper I head

Once eaten, it’s back to the motel, so ends the day an it’s time for bed


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