Dancing Shadows

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    Right there in front of our eyelids. Beating sylhouettes, shaking waves, swallowing the last crystals from the ground. Transcending the sounds with a great rage and leaving the pace behind while calling it unsuccessfully back again. At the place where paleness combines with moonlight in the most disasterous ways, protecting their last luminescence alive.
    Shadows dancing through shadows of themselves, keeping close distance from one another, infiltrating, leading their unique lurid dance with the smoothest steps which takes them back right where they belong.
    Torned away. Black. Tempting but still black. Exaggerating its own life from the lifes of others. Forever denying it's own existence and falling through the most terrible nightmares and most beautiful terrestrial symphonies. Protected from uglyness and misery. From rage and atrocity. From life and death...
    Shadows. Nothing more than shadows...Shadows of me, shadows of you, shadows of what we were, what we are and what we will turn out to be.
    And we still stand here amused by our own reflection and what we have allready become. Embraced by total rejection of clear thoughts and pure mind. Swallowing the last precious moments of truth and wisdom, of nobility and peace and spitting them out in rage so far away...
    Oh, they are still dancing! Well, that non-existent voice replied calmly, they are! Some dance to remember but some dance...
to forget...

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