Brutal Fable

And There She Goes……A Coward,
Down The Winding Stairs.
Exactly What He Expects.
That’s Me And The Girl Is You Inside The Mirror.
Frozen Fall Statues, Like Suicidal Images.
And In Every Home A Fire And Bread,
In Every Yard A Murder.
Upon The Pages A Blood Red
Of Bullets By His Head.
At Any Rate, The Plants Alive.
It’s Only Decent To Die.
They Oblige To Sedate………
If There’s A Choice, They Choose The Boy.
A Happy Home Where The Sunlight Hates.
Soon You’ll Have To Come Out.
A Wordless Melody You’ll See, When She Smiles,
Has Taken Hold Of Me, 
The Train Tracks Of Thought.
Like A Single Copy Of Two Keys, 
They’ll Take Anything.
It’s Not Fear For Fleeing Here,
Well, Not For Myself, 
He Teases The Living In Hell.
The Full Moon Shall Be Upon Us 
And We’ve Taken One Alive.
And It’s Time To Witness, Eyes Wide White,
The Moment Of Dismemberment,
A Chopping Knife.
The Blade Grinds Into The Bone 
With A Bond As Brothers.
           The Screams Fill Our Happy Home, 
Although They Hold A Stutter.
A Golden Key To Match Your Eyes.
I’m Sorry, Followed By Another Lie,
We’ll Never See Them Again.
Deceit My Eyes And Eat A Grape.
Vengeance Is In The Chamber.
Shall The Chalk Save My Life?
Hope Lies Under The Bed.
Banging On My Floor At Night,
I Want Out Of This Head.

Cannibal JonesPan

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