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Dairy Of The Southern Queen Entry #30 {It's Always Been Him}

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{Dairy Of The Southern Queen Entry #30} {It's Always Been Him} 




It's always been

him that has

loved me 


It's always been him being my biggest supporter 

​​​`N` it's always been him holding me up when I was to weakened to hold my own self up 

​​​`N` it's always been him loving me from first sight 

`N` it's always been him laughing when I laugh ...

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dairy of the southernOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoemTina Gloverwriting

The Resurrection of the dead



The unbidden tears
Wavering in the heart
Human life conducted in the dark
The hidden fears
The inconsolable grief
Many fear-filled years
Craving for permanence
For the enduring stillness
Of the Sea of Galilee.
But walk instead with me
To the tomb of Maimonides:
Why do the wicked prosper?
Why do the righteous die?
Answer came there none
Except in the Song o...

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The wishing moment / the corner of the sky poems


Open portal

mother spirit,





in the


of your




wind caressing

your hair

like a mother

her only



sun lite

giving you









that you



you are

the spaces


my silence.



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The sunrise dance/ corner of the sky poems | What you'll be / the corner of the sky poems | The peeling poem / the corner of the sky poems | The open gate poems 2 | The open gate poems 1 | First impressions / the corner of the sky poems |


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why again 

another undertaking

why from ghostly winter-stripped branches

sung through by a strange wind's

sad voice

does he return to deliver 

so darkly the same bewitching gaze?


O, gothic disciple of doom!

why with black vision

do you shape cages for my fear?


for how long

must my sleeping mind

receive this sombre visual communion

you send down


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the hardest road | trade off | following the hullabaloo of the 25th |

Baby it's Cold

Baby it's Cold outside 

and I need you now 

To take away these shivers 

Put your arms around me 

and hold me for an eternity 

and do not be afraid of the dark 

For it leads the way to light 

You are my protector 

and I am thankful 

For all that you are 

and all that you will be.  


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

Love Doesn't | Angel | (untitled) | Realities |


Like Dylan, you felt my poetry was lousy

But you didn’t have eyes bluer than robin’s eggs

Your hair didn’t curl, your beard covered half of your acne infested face

Your podge was unappealing

Your belly entering full five minutes before you did

Shut up about what I write

At least I’m pretty.

And that makes me the winner, yeah?

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Also by Parul:

Youth | Pretty |

Forvie, March 2017

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And then the sand flowed like the tide

Shifting the land at the wave edge of the sea

A vast striated plane of drifting whirling grains:

Aged dunes lost to the wail will of the wind.

As we walked close by the sea suck and ripple

The bound beach rose and swallowed our grounded feet

We seemed to be free floating sand cloud high

In the sandsmoke drifts rushing to their...

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Absalom's Rise | Lunch with my Grandmother | I read a poem |



beachchapelcoastdunesfishermenForvieSandSand stormScotlandseavillage

Choose Life

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For anyone thinking of suicide...I send you light love and keep u in my prayers... May you know love and find compassion when u need it the most. May u always love urself first. May you hold onto the fact that if u love urself that's enough. May you find your smile through your tears. May u know without a doubt that u are not alone. May u believe that u do matter, u will be missed and u are lov...

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choose lifeprayer for the brokensuicide prevention

lead III (12/12/2017)

a shape
a solidine spectre throwing shape
over my shoulder, bed filled with weighted shale 
sheets hanging over a floor dropping out forever 
and I wish more than anything I could describe what it is 
or was
or might be

it's shears
cutting and reshaping all the new growths I've made 
sliding together with intoxicating blades 
oil dripping, whipping in strings as we pray

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

consumption (12/01/2017) | being like them (12/06/2017) |


high grain low octane

Summer, Sheephaven Bay

Burning rocks in summer sun

‘neath lazy blue sky.

Waves lapping on the shelving shore,

with whispered hints of a ‘woosh’

from the turning tide,

and the merest suggestion

of tiny bubbles,

muted in the noontime heat.

Exposed bladderwrack,

clinging to the craggy outcrop

revealed by receding waters,

crackles and pops as it dries,

releasing a briny bouquet that hangs...

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There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs

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There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

Each creak guiding, reminding you of your place.

Between the rise and the run.

The rhythm within the space.

There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

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Also by 220August:

For the Longings of the Bard’s Vessel’s Vein |


short poem


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Today, Bowland rain bathes its languid lane,

Off gritstone tiles it runs, and courtyard plain,

Drowned and drenched, in rivulets it weeps,

Steeped in seep, soaked and still, it sleeps.


Seductively soothing in sadness, lullingly forlorn,

Bank-ramped blooms, now earthly drawn,

It plains, and slips, into another faultless day,

Of silent haze, and drizzled grey.


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Also by Beno:

The Willow Girl |


I ride the waves of my mind's great sea

like the canoes of lost explorers

Jagged peaks in the night--illuminated like gleaming daggers

They fall to the deep wells of black water, swallowed

and spit out, toothpicks made out of mighty ships

Washed up, bled dry of supplies

on foreign lands, salt and sea drip from my shirt sleeves

I am the misled conquerer

Who takes the new


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the brewery

The Brewery

It goes back a long time when I saw this closed down

the brewery, on the wall, faded letters proclaimed

Portugal`s best beer. The was an enormous gate into

the courtyard I could smell the sweating horses

and saw the iron rings on the wall where they were

tied waiting for their cart to be filled with beer crates.

There were many cats around, once they had been fat


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Amidst the tension,

joy was slight,

I was survived,

for my own fight.

Fight as such,

never fought before,

everyone will sing,

my folklore.

My wings will grow,

more valuable than fore,

victory will be mine,

since it's desire from my core!

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Control at work

At work in my office, with my lover texting
I'm getting wet goosebumps all over my body
Exploring his fun words, effecting me shoddy
Turning over my phone, reflective on sexting

Am I just silly ploy in his hazardous game
Where the wrong wet tingle could cause a needed change
And could expose my drips in inviting exchange
I'm losing my focus for his sensual flame

Should I go to washroom, an...

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The movement | First dates | Black Dress | Morning wake-up | The gym |




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~Twenty One Pilots Lyrics~ A car A torch A death

For me to drive away with
I began to understand
Why God died

The demon sat there waiting on her porch
It was a little dark so he held a makeshift torch
And when my car was far out of sight
He crept in her room and stayed there for the night

-Twenty One Pilots -
This is not mine I just copy and paste because this is swell


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Also by AkiraKoromoto:

~UnTilted~ ~draft~ | Depression. | I love you. |



My New Found Love

We bounded near a ring burning bright,

windy and cold it was that night.

I fell in love in the blink of an eye,

releasing a flirtatious sigh.

I hope she will stay with me awhile,

because I love how my love smiles.

She has showed me how to love again,

now I have peace within.


For all the pain is gone when she is near.

The name I shall soon call here is dear.


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Also by Tryston Strickland:

Love Has It's Price |

Vertical World


It's amazing how easily 

people fit into hierarchies 


It's as if their genitals

were magnetic


repelling anyone 

who's not a quick flight up


of course we know

we were made to lead


once the opportunity 

presents itself 


for we've been sitting on

miraculous solutions for years


and it'd be nothing less

than our duty to share the...

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Plants and Cats | Of Course | Nuanced | Reset Button |


entry picture


Since it cost me nearly twenty thousand pound

I asked in morbid curiosity

“So tell me, dearest daughter, how've you found

Your first year at the University?”


She must have thought she'd have me for a fool

So tongue in cheek she answered very drolL

“It's pretty much as your days, Dad, at school -

A life of sex and drugs and Rock 'n' Roll”.


Well, at these words...

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Also by John Coopey:


That’s when you find it

It’s starts with a flutter like butterfly trapped inside your chest, gently moving raising the euphoria 

Then the aching begins from within slowly at first like a train setting off from its station, slowly gathering momentum before the feeling changes and an avalanche of aching and fluttering happens simultaneously 

Beads of sweat gathering like dew on crisp morning leaves

But it comes an...

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Also by Ria Richardson:

Don’t ask me | horseplay |

December Collage Poem: Waves

entry picture

Swansea waves words at passing poets


The twenty-fifth day is long and in others souls,

A week later we enter the next chapter with

New raging goals.


Kissing capitalism's ass and not mine

Highway traffic moves in waves,

Or should that be it crawls like a crab


Marrying a woman from East Texas

She cooked Christmas pudding for dinner each night

In peanut and r...

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Also by Stockport WoL:

Oldknow Xmas Poster |


Collage PoemDecemberStockport Art GalleryStockport WoLWoL


piss poor encouragements.

Non-brain bulging interests.

Doomed inebriated intentions.

Everyday ups-a-daisies and downs-a-daisies.

Hills and valleys of cash flow.

Loud fart inspired laughter.

Unexplainable bouts of mad half hours.

Misbeliefs in bullshit.

Having my lips kissed off in a recurring dream starring James Dean.

Perchings on knees of totally gorgeous strangers.


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Also by Rose Casserley:

passing the vets | jeez mum! stop wearing teenagers clothes! | to the hosts of wisdom's past |

5 Years

5 years without you, 5 years crying.
I've tried to move on, 5 years trying.
5 years of regret, full of self blame.
5 years of loneliness and all its pain.

5 years of pretence, of self doubt.
Into hiding I've been if love was about.
5 years on, where do I go from here?
5 more years of the same is my fear.

5 years of dreams of how things were.
Why didn't I show you love and care?
5 years o...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Christmas Love | When The Breezes Come | The 'Blue Badge Limp' | The Snowman |

Without Him

She'll think of him today
Curled up and fast asleep
Breathing gently in her arms
Under bright and twinkling stars
Smiling softly in his dreams

She'll think of him today
His little laugh and precious grin
The way he talked, the way he slept
The day he took his real first step
And wiping chocolate off his chin

And she will wonder where the time's gone
Wonder just what happened

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

Brian | High enough |

Dead Man



(Dialogue kicks in after first few bars)


Through a tunnel carved in dead mens bones

the living went to hell

the stoker fed the flaming mouth

as the hammer struck its knell


The landscape flattened beneath the plain

its rivers turned to dust

strange tepees ripped ragged by blackened rain

sit fragile on the crust


Passengers cling to souls long sold


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Also by Wolfgar:

Hallucinogens and Conversions (how junkies find god) | Limp Biscuit | Death Message | Between Bells |


Dead ManJim JarmuschNeil YoungStuff

The Man That Gravity Forgot.

I still think about you a lot
But in the most selfish way
Wishing I could float my way to heaven
And find the words to say

Are you scared
Are you alone?
Are you happy
Is it home?

I'm scared to move on
I'm alone inside my head
I'm happy when I think of you
Your home is here instead

I wish I could trade you places
But I know that's wished a lot
At the very least can I be
The man that ...

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Stone of Love

This poem was written in memory of my mother.


Stone of Love


Pietà lies abandoned

on pavements

of Augustus, Caius, Caligula,

a kernel of rock

in the heart of Rome.


For love in stone

was never so feared

as the atrocious Emperors

who turned Love toward

such stone,

and fixed pity for ever

with boiling madness;


yet Pity was feared:


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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Water Street |


We want so much for snow to fall
But through it all, nature predominates
Many signs though of festive proof
even though no snow appears on roof

Berries protuberant, and holly too
Ice forming amidst the water blue
of lake or pond and a stream or two
As the signs of winter transpire and ensue

Carpets of golden leaves still show
But alas no emergence of sleet or snow
Checking weather ap...

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Also by Fred Varden:

The Loneliness of the long distance shopping trolley | My 12 Days of Christmas |

Beating Banality

Banality beckons because
beaten, battered by boredom
bright brains become blind;
bludgeoned by bearded beliefs

But before being broken by bad behaviour
Bitten, burnt, belittled, bereft
Be bold, be brave -
Believe better battles breathe beyond

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Also by David Lindsay:

Grand Old Lady | The Interview |

Dangling Koan


     Consider one in ages passed who didn't return 
from a journey, nothing more known. 

In the dark, in ringside seats, 
legs dangling in a grand canyon.

     What can we say of the person?

     Having considered ourselves dead,
          we may be better equipped to live.

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

December's Song | Sia | By The Book | Love Remains | Missing |

The Angels

I saw the footsteps of an angel

Within the deep pools of blood

No one noticed the scarlet halo

Because angels are meant to be good


No one mourned the demons

No one shed a tear

No one noticed the angels descend

Until there was nothing to feel but fear


The angels smiled as they hurt you

And laughed as our children cried

There were no demons left to save the pe...

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Also by Natalie Rupik:

A letter to my Demon |



Mother Earth

entry picture

I see the beauty of yours waking in the forest 

Being by the sea tremendous power it's shown to me 

Reaching the top of the Hills I feel completely free

So many times you hug me, wrap me in my tears 

So I could let go of all the fears 

Your unconditional love spread around my being 

With purpose of Healing. 

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Also by Artur Hulboj:

Trust | Cycle of life |

entry picture

This was written on inspiration following the debate over a certain bakery using the image of a sausage roll in a manger to advertise its products:

The Magi entered the stable

And to their delight

They saw the baby Jesus in a manger

And not a sausage roll in sight

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art of giving a present without paying for it

first, come's the agreement

to spend exactly the same amount 

on each other


although the amount is irrelevant

my boyfriend and I

settle for fifty quid in cash

and to spend as we like


so as we did last Christmas 

we will do the same this Christmas.


I hand him an envelope

containing the fifty quid note

at the same time, he hands me 

the same amount ...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

revitalised | putting fear to flight |

Ashberry’s forgotten sister

My lower lip, chapped? So it is, Oo er Mrs,
Pass the Zovirax.  And the pen, if it runs dry,
tongue the nib. Does that work?  Try,
what do you think?  Yes, let’s experiment.
And the red marks on your nose,
you’ve been wearing sunglasses for too long, I suppose.
Bifocals these days, my man: they make look like my granny
which is more fortunate than you may guess,
I’ve found the border guards...

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entry picture

Poem 137 of 230: SEEN

A change of pace -
Walks through a place;
Crime-streets more clean -
Through being seen.

Walking in twos,
The obtained peace
Worth the worn shoes
Of foot-police.

(C) David Franks 2003 - Walkaboutsverse.blogspot.com

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Before the spirit left,

you had one leg out of bed, toes

touching the floor,

hand tightened on the sheet

as if for a moonlight flit.


I stayed with your cast,

rearranged leg, hand, sheet;

I even called you back,

but you were walking quickly,

lightly towards morning.

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Also by Terry Jones:

Collecting Bins at Emily Bronte’s | Lovers By the Ice-Age Tarn | Aubade | Moth-Print Spring | Apparitions | your-hope | Spuds | power company |


heads on spikes on london bridge

heads on mounts in castle halls

severed from humans and animals both

heads held high for all to see

for grim respect and symmetry

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Also by ray pool:


The Penine Way

The Penine Way is long and wide . The weather fearsome . But fought with pride . To destinations once seen never forgot . Of a Countryside so vast . You just want to look and stop . Where ever you visit this County of ours . Our thoughts are never hidden . Our determination never denied . The one thing Yorkshire people do . Is always speak their minds . And forever Battle through .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Agression |


Go back in history and it will show

It's mostly about either "stay" or "go!

Choosing the time to head away

Is down to experience come the day.

Acquiring an empire provided that...

Knowing when to tip the hat.

If being run by others is your need

This seems contrary to our creed,

Buccaneers and bravos bold

Fill the history books of old,

And who amongst those doughty bra...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Strange to think...

entry picture

Strange to think of people gone 
on a day such as this. 
As walking I go, breathing to heaven 
with all the other moving souls 
filing into into the lamp lit station,
A thick procession of winter coats
like mourners at a funeral keeping 
a grand silence between us.
Are the dead looking down at us?
Ferrying terminal to terminal
in the lonely rattling dark
running circular with our flawed...

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They came

with their harts of loss

bereaved into our arms

empty of home

to stand as strangers 

under the reign of grief

shattered hands held


As we cross the road

To another world

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Poem of a moment | Leaving Ambiguity | beautiful grave |


His alarm clock is the dawn chorus
Cardboard boxes his mattress
A sack stuffed with newspaper
Is his makeshift duvet and cover
Shop doorway for a bedroom
Shaggy dog his constant companion
He greets the day with a toothless grin
As the first rays of sun smile back at him
Today, he thinks, things will not change
Encounters of both sympathy and rage
A friendly word with the police no doub...

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I yearn less for you to touch my skin,

and more for you to touch my heart.

Because I must admit,

it was your soul that drew me in.


And while I wouldn’t mind,

being wrapped up in your arms.

Perhaps I could be wrapped up in your heart.


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Also by Sarah Mae:

Starting Point | Shapes Part Two | Shapes Part One |

Used Art

Used Art

Skin like stretched canvas

Torn and tattered and dull

Colored in fingertips and old bruises

Paintings are no longer practical

Art collectors want to touch

To feel, to experience, and to damage

Then sell to the highest bidder

Hide her away, turn a blind eye

Don’t look, don’t touch

This piece has turned to dust

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Also by Miranda Fegan:

Snow Day | Who Am I? | Unnamed | Existence is Fatal | Why Do I Stay? | Renewed (Soon) | Silence |


They will accept you, wholeheartedly
For who you are and what you believed
But only if you are like them sincerely
A complete likeness must be achieved

They will include you in their society
As long as you dress like they choose 
You're allowed to have your own variety 
Of short skirts, tight tops and high shoes

It's a multicultural and integrated city
Where everyone lives in total ha...

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Also by Aishah:

Last resort |

i search for love on a cold dead morning

in the mornings, full of dread

i like to lay strands of my greasy hair

over my eyes, refocus, cornea stretching, scratching

allowing the silvery threads to become clearer

others to fade away, traces of breath on a freezing window

each hair picked out, some whispered, some blinding

like a motorway system designed by a madman

the veins of something not quite there

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Also by Stuart Buck:

don't breathe |


entry picture


From dripping dawn to milk churn

to sheep and village fountain.

From orchard and empty

mountain road to gurgling cherry town

I carried a yellow-black fire symbol

through deserted evenings in

hidden streets where men put away

their tools with an apprehensive glance

until at last we met and drove

the winding road to Olonzac

and sat next day in the bar


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Also by john short:



entry picture

She is tired. She does get tired.

She is tired of pretending to be strong. Like things were always all right. She is tired of being left alone. She has this friend inside. This voice in her head keeps on yelling that she’s stupid, worthless, and pathetic. Darkness loves her so much that he clothed her with fear and anxiety.

At night while she sleeps, he comes like a robber then takes her hap...

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Also by shady:

my home |




entry picture

A purr and nuzzle

She kneads my shoulder gently

She puts me to sleep

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Poetry | My Heart |



How Can I Keep From Singing

Spiritual Hymns

Are the essence of a highschool choir
That sings often the sounds of Queen in the style of acapella
But also the rolling notes of Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
And the thumping heart of Elijah Rock.


How Can I Keep From Singing
When piano pushed
And the opening notes gently pulled in, to meet a booming brillance
My life goes on in endless song
And I recall the disconnect...

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Also by Connor Lannes:

Poetry is a Mediocre Diary |


ArtConnor Lanneshigh schoolMusicNostalgiaNostalgicSinging

In those days

My parents, shoe-workers, never owned a car

so the Sunday walk down to the meadows

was a respectable two-mile stretch for our short legs

during those halcyon afternoons

of my childhood.


This morning, the long drag to the stone bridge

spanning the Ise Brook,

that we boys knew as “the river”

feels eerily quiet, few cars

just like in the sixties

although the road is...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Biblio | I am a poet, not a writer |

Hope still exists

While your dreams are getting constructed... 
To travel this entire universe.. 
You may see a dark clueless way ahead... 
And your mind will forbid you to traverse... 

Don't get scared... 
It's a mirage... 

Behind which a ray of Hope exists... 
And a world for you to explore.. 

While your belief is growing stronger... 
To clear your heart from all new and old tears... 
You may see grey d...

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Also by Shruti:

The eternal wait | Chat with my bestie | "Strong" that's me | "Women" | Let that go.. | My daughter | My thoughts and me | The wait | Paralyzed | Haunting Guilt | Hidden Strength | Dreams | Distance | Knotted again | Set her free | The conqueror | Departure | Anatomy of a female life | Sleepless | Arrest | Past once again | Perfection(expectation vs reality) | A Rebirth | The offense | The Unsolved mystery | The journey to a woman's heart | The Breakthrough | A flashback |


He won't have a happy birthday

because we have betrayed his trust.

He taught us not to accumulate

but we're possessed by a spending lust.


Gifts for families now are due

the baby boy received them too.

We go out buying till we drop

which often only delights the shop.


Presents for everyone we know

and on every package tie a bow.

We have expensive Christmas tre...

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Also by jennifer Malden:

Happily never after? |

Haiku: Inspiration

The ruminator –

Extracts his thoughts from thin air

Chewing things over

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Wild Insomnia |

Some Facts About Myself

I was born on October 24th, which is the first day of scorpio,
I never understood why I had to be related to the parasite that poisons other people,
I don't know if i should be happy about it or not!
I love spicy noodles, lots of coke and rafaelo chocolate,
I enjoy the meal my mother makes after spending a lot of time in the kitchen to fill my plate!
I love the feeling I get when someone is h...

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The Argument

You could not.

Yes, I could.


You would not.

But, yes, I would.


You should not.



You will not!



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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Cynthia at Manchester Central Library, Dec. 7 |

The Final Haiku


United we stand,

with kindness and care. Without?

Divided we fall.

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Also by Laura Taylor:

Clocks |

Loving Oneself (Poem)

When he truly loves himself,


Accepts himself as he is,


Why does he need approval, 


From anybody else.


If he is secure,


The critics don’t matter,


He knows where he stands,


Controversies don’t last.


If he truly loves himself,


Then why does he need convincing,


To prove to him, only what he can.


For if he is secure...

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empoweringinspirationallovenew agespiritual

Touching you with these words

Well hello Thank you for the oppurtunity to touch you with these words let them quench your thirst like no others before I told you I was going to write you some more Now I am writing like never before these words come so easy when I think of you and now that you are gone what Am i going to do. It"s been a couple of days since these hands have layed I just wish you could of stayed. I know your in ...

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Also by Kenneth James Keller:

Kimberly Crumbly you will be missed By many | Get well wishes for a friend |


Touching your loving face



I am nothing but a little girl

Looking for love

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Idle Hands Occupy


Execs think there's no greater threat than a day of marijuanos in the land of the rugged grass,


Throw them off their pedestal like when René Barrientos had a hand up his puppet ass,


Sticky fingers cannot grasp the concept, so can't you capture a bygone plea?


Isn't it ever questioned which companies manufactured Zyklon B?


A prefrontal cortex contemplates if tact...

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Also by Big Sal:

I Don't Do Open Mics | Why the Skies Fell Cold |

Black And White

A hundred thoughts in my mind

Yet struggling to pen down some lines.

There is this rainbow, all over me;

But I am all white

Just being black and white.


Bullet is cheaper than love;

Tears wiping away smiles.

Death winning over life;

But I am alright, 

Just being black and white.


A hundred arrows pierced my heart;

Haven't split a pint of blood, yet


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black and whitelosspainrainbowrosewar

Monkey's mentality

With an intent of
Stripping off all--Wives & footholds--
And taking over,
A monkey measures
And measures
Father's foot mark
Walking behind father's back
And inflict on the same attack
Cognizant ,subject to
The wear and tear of time
, feeble,
A defensive hand
The father could lack!

A mentor,  I helped
An apprentice
Acquire a sharp mind
And a nimble hand
Till on his feet stand.


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Little things do really matter
It's never the big ones
It's those tiny moments that make all the difference
I'm staring at the sky now and it's beautiful
Like a child splashing paint
The designs I can't understand
But I can dazzle at what the stars have drawn
In all their glitter and wonder
The moon giving way, lying low
Letting them shine with wonder
With all this beauty around me
It w...

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As you walk away slowly

i can see that the light

in your eyes

are gone

and the warmth 

in your smile

has turned cold

and the love

you have once showed me

is no longer

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Chocolate Heart

There was once a boy with a heart of gold,

A lovely lad. Happy. The world, his toy

And yet no stranger to his mother's scold.

Kindness, his friend, he lived in great joy

And grew into a youth with a heart of silver.

Noble and pure, conviction strength unmatched,

He used to ponder life just by the river

And still love his home like a child attached.

Until he became a man wit...

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Also by Jack McClure:

Who Feared For The Night |

Kenny And Arthur

Kenny and Arhur.

They owned our house until my father bought it.

They owned all the houses in that street and the store on the corner.

And all the garages too.

Kenny and Arthur, they parked their Rolls Royce Silver Cloud outside our house

And I would play on it when I was a young child,

Climbing over it in my summer sandals, sliding around on it and putting sticky fingers all ove...

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Spreading her wings,

She wants to fly.

Only she finds herself to be,

To scared to try.


For her wings have been bent,

All of her time spent.


Oh how she wished to soar,

Throughout the night sky.

She had tried once before.


Maybe this time she could.

And maybe this time she would.


Spreading her wings,

She wants to fly.

And this time,

She fi...

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Am I okay?

All the things I am looking

All the plans I am working

All the series I am roaming

Am I okay?
Am I really okay?

Cause I feel so drained
And feels to deep to walk away

Saving all my energy
Saving all the positive energy
But still giving up
And taking advantage of falling down

Falling behin...

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Lover, You Should've Come Over

I like these Jeff Buckley lyrics so much, I feel they should be appreciated amongst poetry. 


Looking out the door
I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners
Parading in a wake of sad relations
As their shoes fill up with water
Maybe I'm too young
To keep good love from going wrong
But tonight you're on my mind so
You'll never know

Broken down and hungry for your love
With no ...

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Written to George Fitzgerald Boxed In

I lean back and close my eyes

The light in the room retreats as the door shuts

Leaving us in swimming in darkness


I don't know where you are

But I can feel you

I can feel your heart beating ripples into the air


My knees sway like long grass in the night 

Waiting for you


You stalk me like prey

Inching closer 

Watching me


You're so close now 


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There's revelation in seeing who our pain belongs too.

It's a gift when you've seen how to let it go

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One Side of A Coin

How can you fill a cup with liquor
When you can't fill 
Your head up with positive thoughts

I'm not trying to put you down
It's just the only thing I see 
The only thing I see 
Is a human in pain trying to put a bandage 
On a wound that is too deep

I've never walked a mile in you’re shoes
But I could see that you're in pain a mile away
So when will you help yourself 

The pain is k...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Mental Illness |


entry picture

From 2,000 and now
Until 2,000 and when ever...
I'mma keep it pressin',
My endeavor...
New World Order
Wanna bring it all together.
H.A.A.R.P Technology 
Controllin' the weather...
Yeeeah, it's a conspiracy
From Lincoln to Kennedy.
And it's gon' be plenty more, 
From here until infinity...
Every 3 hundred and sixty centuries
Humankind is aligned
With the ori...

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breathepoetry 2010words

The Sun and The Moon

The sun...

gives you happyness

he gives you...


The sun is your sweets...

That can you caries

or even...

burns scares...

he can be bad or good...


The moon is...

Black is his color...

but his...

calme when ever and misterious...

the moon isint bad he is only ...

bad by other poeple or creatures...

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Been turning myself to blue and green,

Trapping and locking myself in this fucking cage


And I can't, I cannot, I will not

Let you in here.

Nothing more can rely on me.

And i will spend my days putting stoicism and serenity on pedestals,

And I will be hopeless and choked

And my heart will be lurching

And it passed right by me,

But I realise now that no hand is so...

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amateurpoemsad poemstrapped

In death

You fooled me good 

You tricked me 

You were the devil

You picked me 

You lied to me 

You hurt me

You made me smile

Just to desert me 

You hit me well

You played me 

I didn't think you would

Betray me 

And when I'm gone 

I will remember 

I promise you 

That this December 

You will cry And scream 

And hide out 

But in death 

I'll always find ...

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The Pylon And The Scarf

A silk scarf of crimson elevates
Like a sky-bound alien manta ray
The deep glowing slate heavens shimmer
Casting the pylon a mysterious aura of golden silver
And reflects a light so fierce
A totem of shining mirror..

The darkest cream grey sky
Whisked and liquefied
All passive-aggressive
Blasts down still-life breaths
Pummelling the mustard grass
Like bleached wig hair

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Me, the little bulb, feels globally connected

entry picture

Here we are again, entering the season of lights that illuminates the darkness in our lives.

Here I am that one bulb, connected to a strand that’s part of a flickering network worldwide.

Come, please join me in activating the healing  process that the divine is sending us.

Because we’ve had far too many dark days and stormy nights recently.

Personal, political and social storms. Storms...

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Find Meaning in Self

To the wind,
How it moves me (the leaves and branches of a dead tree).

Do you sing along with petals of the daisies,
Do you whistle and chime the metal that dangles from my tree?

Little a chance you gave me,
To feel whole once again,
She told me,
Didn't she?

What's that?
You say,
No you see the moon is bright tonight and the rain not brittle in my ...

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A Child is not just for Christmas

Prophets in disguise

Search the skies, oh so wise,

Tears, like atoms, don’t decay

Love, like photons, light the way.

A babe against a warmy chest

Dreamt of nets filled with fish

Whilst flight across sand and seas

Brought the donkey to his knees.

All mixed up in snow and ice,

Discarded plastics choke Christmas mice;

We, fat as turkeys, but leaflet thin,

Hear churche...

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dull person

someone whose mind

is a very small machine

that knows only

how to put back into place

the rusting parts

that have fallen off

in order that it may continue

on the same journey to nowhere.



© Stef Wilde 03/12/2017



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Cyber survival

You've been looking more low

More so lately, 

Sick and tiered of the messages 

Of hatred,

Read them one at a time, 

Be strong in your mind, 

Even tho it hurts inside,

 regain your pride, 

Find the strength to survive 

And do it all again.


The bully, no ones friend, 

Not superior, nor super, 

Only big and strong, sat behind a computer,

Sticks and stones w...

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Moon Haiku (or 'How Poets Can Pale Into Insignificance')

Full moon wreathed in cloud

like black pepper smudged on white

ghostly negative.

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Self Certainty

Life artefacts: the attributes of our world which

make us us.  Which forge our understanding of what

and who we are.  These artefacts hold power for

us.  They resonate, they thrum with our reason to

be.  If removed, struck away: we become bereft

of direction and belonging: we lose inner

essence-purpose.  Lost in the world’s melange, perhaps

we’ll never again feel that deep mea...

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authentic selfidentityself beliefself knowledgeyourself

At the Arts Council in Manchester

And to think I was just about to complain
About the weakness of the coffee when
my head turned through the glass to
witness the hearse arguing in traffic.

It was a standoff for sure. I knew this when
death itself gave up its ghost to breathe beside
me awhile, to show patience. There was no rain,
wind or violins. England will never be mine.

A gold coffin the size of a malt loaf, vibrati...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Dreams of Children |

Fire and Ice

I am ice, yet there is fire in my veins.

It burns, desperately hoping for release.

But it cannot be released, like one cannot release a dragon on a town, or murderer in a capital.

It hurts without regard, without remorse, so I cannot set it free, but instead choke it down.



Drowning in potential actions, potential consequences.

Yet each word said only fee...

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The endless journey

Leaves kick along the concrete path

Savaged by wind and feet

On a cat soaked morning

With boys on bikes

Underpass hanging

Looking everywhere and at nobody

Their eyes say guilty

I’m part of the gang

Yeah so what

Leave me alone

I’ve done nothing wrong

Cars nose round the roundabout

Tail lights redden

Resigned impatience

Horns and brakes castrating

Any ch...

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Yet here I am

Yet here I am,

I have not lost the light,

but like water behind a dam,

I stagnate, facilitate my plight.


The birds know the seasons,

“What a mystery!” from inside my glass box.

Consider the cave and other reasons,

the hardest is finding the locks.


The key I’ve always had,

It’s the questions that require the courage.

Run and hide it's only natural,

Find co...

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I feel like I'm walking on eggshells!


Afraid that if I say the wrong thing,

act the wrong way, respond in a way that is opposing to you..

That I'll ruin your imperfect rhythm



Why can't I be myself?

Am I too strong minded?

Am I demanding? 

Is it even me?

What is it that makes it so easy for you to turn the other cheek?




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Christmas Is Back In town

entry picture

I am lost for words and don’t know what to say

The festive season is well and truly on the way

The countdown has begun on a crisp November day

In the distance I can hear the yuletide bells ringing

The run up seems to start earlier year upon year

You will spend lots of time and money never fear

On friends and family and those you hold dear

Live it up for today and forget about ...

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Alternative X-Mas Poem.

It been the 1st of Dec now, I think this can get its airing. 
I do love christmas but as with age, you realize how distant people become and how much of a spending spree its become for people to get their children or family that one expensive gift. But now,  without furthur to do here is "the alternative Christmas speech"..

Its a funny old do
is Christmas time and such
its that one time of y...

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