The journey to a woman's heart

She wasnt waiting for an ipod..
Nor was she dreaming about the diamonds..
It wasnt a holiday that could have quenched her thirst..
And none could read the thoughts that were rolling through her nerves..

She was a dot in a crazy crowd..
But still solitude was the only one she could be around..
She smiled, she laughed with all her lungs out..
but deep inside everything was as hollow as a barren ground..

It was almost dusk as her age passed by..
Somehow this "wait" started..
Getting counted as a habit she had acquired..
And like always she "Compromised" and "adjusted"..
the way everyone liked..


What did this happened!
Suddenly without the slightest hint..
As if the dawn broke along her ever closed window..
And there was this drop of rain ..
falling on those barren lands
of her mind..

It was Care...
Yes, and may be a handful of time..
This was it she realized...
And she had been waiting for it all this while..
The desert in her mind turned into a garden..
And then...

Love started blossoming in her virgin heart..
And the path to it opened up...

◄ The Breakthrough

The Unsolved mystery ►


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