A New Vision

A New Vision


A new vision for a new time, a new episode, a new year

for the future is full of uncertainty mingled with hope

We face it with a sense of expectancy

hopeful yet daunting in an immense complexity


Energy, wisdom with a strong sense of purpose

are required to embrace the unknown

We approach a mist, a maze, an entanglement

it is from within, our inner self where we must first search


The soul is the power house of our very being, the life pool of creativity

a motivating and sustaining force of incomparable magnitude

Nothing can stand in the path of determination

if we are resolved to pursue our vision


Success and failure await us along the way

joy and sadness, pain physical and mental

These are the emotions along the highway

but press on we must or we crumble into the dust of eternity


The new year demands vitality and dynamism

lethargy is an intolerable excuse

Fervent in desire is an absolute neccesity

failure will wash us aside as mere flotsam


There is nothing to fear as the same destiny awaits us all

take the leap forward, put your hand into the hand of God

Be bold, outrageous, humorous and diligent

you will inspire others to create a better year

◄ There is no Shangri-la

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keith jeffries

Sun 31st Dec 2017 18:13

MC. Thank you for your kind comment. May I wish you a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Keith

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 31st Dec 2017 16:50

Seize the day! Those words still have proper resonance for
the lives we lead. By all means let us learn to live with
failure - for without that knowledge we would not have the
experience and hope to keep going onwards and upwards.
It is not lost on me that whenever danger and risk appear
on the horizon there is also a recognition and response to
accommodate them, not least with the hazards affecting
the natural world.
That's why I am, and will remain, an eternal optimist.
Nil desperandum!

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