Flash Backs `N` Nightmares

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{Flash Backs `N` Nightmares} 




The bad flash backs `n` nightmares haunt's my life `n` mind `n` memory today it washes over my whole body almost crippling it like the first time it occurred it's purely agony on my poor old soul that I wish would disappear from me because it's a wrecking ball to my life today 



`N` I can still see the flash backs `n` nightmares of the burning fire's `n` the bomb's exploding on the ground `n` I can still see the gun fire rains down upon us like God was raining fire `n` brimstone on us `n` I can still taste the heavyweight darkened smoke filling my dry mouth with death `n` despair as I hear the scream's of civilian's crying out in pain `n` vain begging for help but none is there as they slip away into the darkness of death's gates for their eternal fates `n` I hear the gun fire ring out in my head like pop~pop zooming by my head that I can feel the warmth of the breeze passing by my head that makes me go back into that unkind beast mode of transformation of a deadening soul taking out anything or anyone who crossed my path `n` the never ending flash backs `n` nightmares that will not vacate from my forbidden soul that haunt's me so still today 



`N` I look all around me seeing nothing but dead bodies blown, ripped apart `n` so badly bruised broken `n` mangled that it would make you sick to your stomach 



`N` as it wakes me up at night where I am screaming out loud `n` sweating until I am soaking wet from these deadening flash backs `n` nightmares that will not leave me be 



`N` it will not leave me be 



`N` I want to be free of these flash backs `n` nightmares lord please take them away so I can sleep in some kind of peace for once in my life 



`N` I still see myself running down the streets away from gun fire but I see people falling down around me one by one `n` as I try to take cover but I'm thinking I'm next to die alone in this old village road this isn't a safe trip this is a continuous fight for my life it seems that way in my flash backs `n` nightmares of this old deadening war that haunt's me still today `n` as I feel broken inside with no relief insight 



`N` nightmares, flash backs

non~stop non~stop 



bomb drop~bomb



around me as the cries rings out in my head thinking we are all dead as the civilian casualties mount up into high numbers








©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/08/2017 all rights reserved 


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