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Gift of my life

Meeting you once and for all

Sensing the smile 

Feeling the beauty hidden deep within 

Paused me for a while

My heart dreamt only because of you

For you the greatest gift of my life


Caring and the sweetness that I seem to find 

When I see you in front of my eyes

I feel my dreams becoming my reality 

I never wish to die

For the gift of my life is you

It is you ...

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Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever


Have been waiting for an eternity

Now that I met you at last 

Will never let you go 

Even do whatever I must 

No barriers are stronger than the bond we share 

Will always hold you near 

Inside the very place deep inside my heart

Never forget me as I am now here


Loved...  loving  and will always love you

For this eternity and the eternity aft...

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Murmurs of love

The touch of heaven

A feeling that no one feels alone

Is deep within this heart 

What  can only be adored

All around the world

Only four words that means more 

Is love only that can bring us near 


Whenever darkness looms around 

Fog of cries and rain of suffering spreads beyond

There and there only a hand can give the strength 

To fight all that away

To stand ...

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White Rose

Pure and dear 

Love that wins hearts 

Bring millions of souls near 

Yet so fragile even so sweet

Just like the sweet white rose under a feet


Trampled and broken 

Withered dry and being lifeless all around the day

Whatever there was inside

Nothing seems to remain within its wall

Nothing to keep its inside firm and fay


Love if loved 

True to one's heart 


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Earthly Treasure

Happiness that fly high up in the skies 

Songs that lightens up the fires in our lives

All belong here on earth

Nothing is there to take along 

High where everyone sleeps above


Relations we bear

Bonds that we all share

Friendship that we hold so dear 

All belong here and only here 

Nothing from this earth we can take away

Where one day our souls will rest forever


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Down the path of 8 wonderful months

The day when I saw you first 

Never could I imagine I found my love at last 

Being filled with happiness and being alive 

Still I never forget that day 

When your feelings for me finally came to light


We sat on a corner of a pub

So easy but yet so tough

To meet your lips on mine leaving everything else behind

Did you say some words 

That makes my heart beat fast


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Lay my hand on your hand

Lay my hand on your hand

Let us get lost 

In the mist of rain

Through the magic of no wand

No dreams will be left for me to see

Lay my hand on your hand even more


When dusty storm and chilling rain crosses my path 

I want your shadow on mine

You are in my dream and even in those days 

That I forget to shine

Your voice soothes my heart

Give me you hand land let...

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No word is enough for you

Some gifts that are from God

Blessings that are bestowed upon from above

The essence of my life that still ties my heart to the sole person that bore so much pain

Its you 

The person who never judges any gain

The silence in your love and the innocence of your smile 

Is enough to bring me this far

Your love is the strongest bond 

No other person can love me so dear 


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Still it beats

To a heart to another heart 

Even if we stay apart 

Please don't stop beating ever 

Remember me in every rhyme

For my heart still beats for you

Your the only one it longs to hear


Even if a storm stops me in my path

Makes it hard even for me to breathe

Still let it beat hard

Remember me for a little more while

Till all darkness grasp me from my sight

It will st...

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At the end of my day

Every breath I take 

Every second alone that passes on

Never before I had felt so little 

Never before you had gone

Had I ever said that much

Why couldn't you see the truth when everything was there 

Nothing was there to hide

Everything that I had to abide

Every time I see your face now

I see only your smile 

You have gone so far 

That only your shadow speaks with ...

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Perfectly Broken

Soft landed drops of tears

Every second that falls down my eye 

Never was there a more hurtful goodbye

Your stayed in my heart for so long

Without you everything is so empty 

My heart and my love is so perfectly broken


Millions and millions 

Numbers that might reach the top

And then when there is no one 

To catch me when I fall

Why do I forget love 

That you a...

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Mindless Whispers

You are each and every breath of my life

Making my sad broken heart alive

The magic that it lights 

The bond that it ties

Your love is like the mindless whispers 

That deep inside your heart lies.....


Through the rusty times and happy shines

Every corner that it takes 

Each bend that it seems to find

You are the one 

I want by my side 

You my love is the only ...

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Love passes with time

Time passes on and on

Every second that has gone

Having you by my side

Love you gave me never seemed to die

With time that flew

With every kisses u blew

You had always been mine…..


Wanted to hold your hand the day I saw

You sitting in the middle of all

Had no voice to say hi

Couldn’t move to say

Whatever deep inside my heart that lay

Only looked at your fac...

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Your my dream

As the dark falls in

Stars lits up the sky 

Saying the sun goodbye

I close my eyes 

And feel your near 

I dream of you every night 

As my eyes close tight


Every night as I breath air in

I feel your presence within 

You are my heart 

Your the blood that runs 

As I blush or choke to breath

You beat through my veins

Beating so deep


Your my dream 


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Love for you

entry picture

Hearts that meets again

Standing beside the river 

Holding those lovely hands

Whistling air onto those ears 

Standing together in the rain

Feeling your heart beating in mine

For you only 

For you my dear


My heart  

The reason it beats

The feeling it feels 

Is just for the love 

More than ever seen

Pain and fear 

Sadness to bear 

I want it all 


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Life of love

Blood that runs so warm

Beats through my heart so strong

The music that rhythms through my veins

Only beats saying your name


No one so close

No one more near

There is no one I want so dear

As my love you are there


Love finds the way

Through all that comes in its path

To the lone place that it wants to rest

Dear love its your heart


I want nothing m...

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When my life was dark

When my life was dark

With thoughts of sadness and miseries deep within

Only you ended lending your hand through it all 

You are my only queen


You gave me hope when I needed you most 

Lighting my world when I needed a boost

You sang to my heart to fight hard 

Helped me to feel my pain and then bear 

You made me so strong love you made me win

You are my one and only ...

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When the time stops by....

With the passage of time 

With every wave that passes by

Huge tides that rise

Sadness and happiness that life seems to dive 

Time seems to stop by

Everything seems so hard to try


Turns that life faces 

Reminding to take braces 

For the huge storm that comes

Marching from a bay 

The thoughts of sadness and despair 

More difficult to bear


Life seems so m...

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What our love has to say

She:          Like a sky seems so close 

                  but so far from our imagination


He:           So close year so far 

                So vast and yet so near


She:        So kind that doesnot appear

               Everything that seems true suddenly disappears

               You can never feel what she feels 

               Its so hard and an impossible deal


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Tears that Speak

Tears that speaks

Filling the emptiness of this heart 

Lonely and lost in this huge ocean of life

Lonely is my heart that beats hard

Wherever I look

Nothing speaks as soft as it should

Nothing speaks through the tears that beaks apart


Sadness that lies deep within 

Air that makes it hard to breathe in

Everywhere everything seems lost and gone

Leaving me here all ...

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Words of my Life

My life

With the aroma of sweetness

With every air I breathe

Seeking the purpose to live

One day I know I will find 

Words that will make me believe


My life that I live

So full with happiness

Blinded and lost with the passage of time

Every thought that it gives

So much to achieve 

Yet nothing for me to see

My life so sweet yet things that I need to find


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Within My Mind

Days that passes months that goes 

With the tide of time every season flows

Nothing stops me from thinking aloud

So many things I want to know 

And so many things that needs to be done


Time of the day when the sun sets sail

Water in the ocean and sand that stays

Beaming with light and twinkles with stars

I never knew beauty can go that far

Layer after layer 


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Sweetness of You

Sweetness Of you

Every second that passes by

Sitting with you by my side 

Winds that blows your hair 

Sweetness that the air seems to find

Light that seems to dim your hair apart

My reality becomes my dream

And I never want to die


Every second that passes by 

Holding your hand and looking at the sky

Walking along the river that never seems to end

The flowers b...

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Falling in Love

Where the stars shine high above

Where the smell of something that madly droves

My mind alive

Seems to stop to see your eyes

Ruling my kingdom

Your the princess of my love


Lonely was a time

Before the beauty and love you gave

The smiles and happiness 

You shared with the love you save

Just for you to give my princess

Cause you make me fall in love

With word...

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My joys of Love

When I saw you first  

My world turned to a place of love

My sky bloomed with the light that spread 

From the pearl that shines through your eyes


Beauty I saw that day 

Through the smile as I say

The light you spread that lit my way

Wants me to live the next thousand lives

Hand in hand 

Eye to eye 

Where our hearts lay



Even though words that you neve...

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The Pain I bear

There was a time that I felt

Someone I held so dear

I felt love flowing through my veins

The pain that I bear


Sore eyes and imaginary smiles

Saddens through the mist of lies

Bliss of deception and anger

Moved everything away a thousand miles


Life I felt mine

Love that I sought near

Was never that I could get

It was not happiness

The pain I bear.....


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Watery Eyes

Breathing your last with roses and byes


Still with shines of light in your eyes

My heart leaps to see you before you die

It fills with vastness in my mind

When I see your watery eyes


What do you want to say

What can I do to pay

Tell me the truth to speak

Should I repent for what I had been

When u speak through your watery eyes


Tell the thing you know


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Melted Ice

Water sweeps the ocean floors

Creaking the stones near the shores

Even though the sea is deep

With life desperate to live

To survive the harsh truth of life

The weak always is preyed

And the strong always reigns above


Air and water and the land alike

Wherever we see

The same thing we find

No one dares to live above

And rule with just above might

For the wea...

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Dreams And Stars

From a far away land

Of Mist and Lights

There is a place

Where you might find

The peace of every kind

Dream takes us all to a land we like


Dreams are true

Dreams are real

Places you see

Through sleepy and forgetful eyes

Think once before you are taken off

From the magic of that time

Let that time go from now and though the passage of life


The world ...

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The love in Me

My love when I see you

Always feel there is something new

Something that I should say

Words of love that I feel should find a way

Where our hearts lay


The glimmer of your eyes 

The love that I yet need to find

Is the love that I feel for you


Love in me

Is as lonely as a day 

Strong as the winds 

That flows the wind off the bay

The feel that you give


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Sleepless Nights

entry picture

Days passes by with the setting of a day

Even though pain and anger seems to stay
Leaving with a feeling of despair and hate
At the end of ever day 

There is pain
Everywhere our eyes sets its gaze
Sleep never seems to find its place
A sleepless night comes in our way
Where happiness is the only thing
That we wanted in to lay

Nights and Days
Silver lights and golden Sighs
Colors t...

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